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Fujitsu Lifebook U938 review

Contrasted and different brands, Fujitsu had been failing to meet expectations in actualizing the most recent versatile stages from Intel. However, the most recent gadgets do utilize Intel eighth Gen innovations, and those parts take into account some fantastic machines to be constructed.

Superior and super-lightweight are regularly fundamentally unrelated highlights, however in the Fujitsu Lifebook U938, they effectively exist together, generally.

Packing a punchy processor, memory, stockpiling and a 13.3-inch 1080p show into this svelte body more likely than not been an extreme building challenge.

Expanding on past Lifebook outlines, the Fujitsu engineers executed their plan brief perfectly. Making a PC that is both simple to convey, wonderful to utilize and helping snappy.

Also, similar to 'Press Man' otherwise known as Tony Stark, those originators completed this artful culmination of smaller PC designing, and advised the fabricators to 'toss a little dragster red in there!'

Truly, this PC comes in dark as well, however then that wouldn't offer a similar level of consideration getting that this machine genuinely merits.

Fujitsu Lifebook U938 Red and Black Editions

Value, accessibility and esteem

The UK estimating for the audit show secured here is £1,799 elite of VAT (£2,157.61 with assess included). The audit display is one of four standard specs offered in the UK, and you can redo these with elective memory and capacity decisions.

All inclusive, the correct spec of these machines contrasts somewhat, as do the update alternatives. For instance; all UK machines accompany the palm vein sensor. Where in the US you can have a unique mark peruser rather, diminishing the cost a bit.

A machine with an indistinguishable spec to the audit equipment in the united state of america is about $2,458.


In the event that you've made this level of use on a PC, you'd anticipate that it will be somewhat exceptional, and the U938 satisfies those desires from numerous points of view.

The primary you'll see is the means by which extraordinarily light it is, in effect only 920g. That is not really anything for a machine with a show of this scale, and not as much as most of the Asus and Acer Chromebooks.

The screen managed numerous parts of the U938 format, as there is a tight fringe to each side or more it. With the tight confining of the screen, the entire machine is under 31cm wide (12-inches).

Indeed, even with this restricted space the fashioners still figured out how to fit a sensibly measured console and useable touchpad in the accessible space.

As a contrasting option to utilizing the touchpad, the screen is touch skilled, and you can utilize a mouse on one of the USB ports.

Being only 15.5 mm (0.6-inches) thin when shut there isn't much space for outside ports anyplace however the sides. The gave determination incorporates a full-estimate HDMI out, two typical Type-A USB ports, a solitary USB Type-C with control conveyance, a Smart Card opening, a SIM card space, a sound jack and Gigabit LAN port.

We should say that the SIM space is just accessible on machines that incorporate the coordinated 4G/LTE module, a client characterized additional.


One slight frustration was that Fujitsu ran with an exclusive charger and not Type-C, regardless of whether the plan incorporates one of these ports with control sharing on it.

A probability exists that it can be controlled by a Type-C association, as that is the innovation that the official docking station utilizes solely. Assuming genuine, that makes the exclusive PSU a significantly more head-scratching decision.

Where this machine exceeds expectations is in the nature of the console, the touchpad and that exquisite screen. In the event that PC developers get those highlights right, most proprietors will be satisfied.


The console, specifically, is fantastic. Short key travel makes for a light but then extremely positive activity, taking into account some rankling input speed once you've acclimatized.

Our U938 likewise had a palm vein sensor to one side of the touchpad that utilizations PalmSecure innovation for super-secure, contactless biometric confirmation.

In any case, a champion experience is the screen, one that conveys a shockingly solid range where compact frameworks aren't famous for shading portrayal. It was good to the point that we couldn't avoid testing it with a shading calibrator, however a greater amount of that later.

All things considered, the U938 is for the most part incredible, however it's within these items that customarily represents the deciding moment any plan.


A machine of this particular was never going to be a spending model, given the building aptitude expected to shoehorn all the awesome innovation inside such a little case.

It's valued to contend with the Apple MacBook, a range that hasn't yet got Intel eighth Gen silicon. The MacBook Air 13 for instance is as yet utilizing the 2015 period Broadwell Core i5 (fifth Gen), stunning.

There are not very many machines utilizing the i5-8350U processor up until now, most like the Dell XPS 13 9370 are utilizing the marginally slower i5-8250U.

One machine nearly evaluated is the Dell XPS 15 9575. Be that as it may, that is a 15-inch screen on a 2-in-1 arrangement that has the i5-8350G processor on it. The 'G' assignment of the central processing unit distinguishes this machine as one that incorporates the new Radeon RX Vega M discrete designs. In any case, the Dell XPS 15 measures more than twice that of the U938, so it doesn't possess exactly the same Ultrabook specialty.

A more reasonable alternative is the Lenovo X280 ThinkPad , which modified with a similar processor, random access memory and capacity is around 80% of the Lifebook cost.

Be that as it may, again the X280 weight progressively and the screen is just 12.5-inch.

One financially savvy elective is the new HP Specter 13, a machine that you can get with the Core i7-8550U processor, 1TB of capacity and 16GB of random access memory for just £1,700 ($1839).

Contrasted and what eighth Gen plans have so far showed up, the U938 appears on the expensive side, yet given the constrained decision of Ultrabooks with this class of equipment, the cost is the thing that the market will stand.


Here is the Fujitsu Lifebook U938 setup sent to TechRadar Pro for audit:

Designs: Intel high definition Graphics 620

central processing unit: Intel Core i5-8350U quad-center 1.7GHz

Camera: Built-in webcam (high definition)

Slam: 8GB DDR4 random access memory (2133MHz)

Screen: 13.3-inch Full high definition touchscreen

Estimate: 309.3 x 213.5 x 15.5mm (W x D x H)

Capacity: 256 GB PCIe NVMe SSD

Network: LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2

Battery: 4-cell, 50Wh (3490 mAh)

Weight: 920g

Basically, the details of the U938 are stellar. Also, for those that need much more power, Fujitsu offers a Core i7 form in this range.

Indeed, even with the Core i5, there is a lot of PC control in such a super-lightweight magnesium shell, however the Lifebook figures out how to remain relatively noiseless regardless of the errands requested of it.

While 256GB of drive stockpiling may appear to be unobtrusive, it is at any rate the absolute best NVMe innovation that kicks a SATA SSD to the kerb. Those needing to decrease the cost can run with SATA, with sizes going from 128 Gigabyte to 512GB, and 512 Gigabyte.

Be that as it may, unfortunately, which each innovation you pick the greatest drive estimate is 512GB.

The 8GB of 2133MHz DDR4 is more than satisfactory for normal errands, and this can be expanded to 20GB at the purpose of procurement.

For those thinking about whether the memory and capacity could be client upgraded, the manual states obviously that 'Unapproved opening or off base repair may incredibly imperil the client (electric stun, fire chance) and will nullify your guarantee.'

Another discretionary thing introduced in the processing plant is the palm vein sensor, which can be swapped out for a unique mark sensor in a few locales.

Something of an oddity we should say is the overlay out Ethernet port.

For those that have not yet to experience one of these; it's an odd arrangement that permits a workstation too thin to mount an appropriate RJ45 repository to fudge this issue.

Side perspective of ports

Once prised out with a fingernail the straightened outline pivots to permit an Ethernet link to dock to a structure that was already excessively thin.

To our eyes, it would appear that the initial segment that will break on the U938, regardless of whether it is an astoundingly astute outline.

We'd prescribe that any individual who needs gigabit Ethernet association in the workplace purchase the USB Type-C associated docking station, and interface an Ethernet link to that.

For those moving, the discretionary LTE module could be basic, expecting the nearby LTE administrations are those you can get to.

Obviously the U938 in the survey trim is a great entertainer.

The consideration of a NVMe drive on the survey show had a colossal effect to the drive related scores. Exhibiting that when associated with mains control this machine will effectively beat most work area PCs.

The SSD on the audit machine was the Enterprise OEM Samsung P961, a V-NAND MLC outline that various framework manufacturers have grasped. It's extremely solid on perusing execution, and less brilliant at composing. In any case, despite everything it figures out how to be twofold the speed of the best SATA SSD drives.

As a processing stage, the U938 feels somewhat adapted down from its maximum capacity, potentially to broaden battery life.

We've seen quicker machines worked around the somewhat slower Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, where the design is as a rule less cautious about battery life and cooling.

Be that as it may, as portable stages go, this is as yet an intense one that can easily finish most office related obligations effortlessly.

Unless you expect to make liquid progression figurings or some other super-serious assignment the U938 will be more than sufficient to the undertaking.

Be that as it may, if there is a smear on the wonderfully kept up Fujitsu scene, it's the battery life that you can sensibly expect with such a high particular machine.

In its pamphlet, Fujitsu depicts the U938 as having 'Throughout the day battery runtime', which from our testing appears to be somewhat idealistic.

Utilizing the PCMark08 Work test the machine had an anticipated battery life of 4 hours and 6 minutes. In a genuine situation, we'd anticipate that it will last more, however likely not twice as long.

This minor shortcoming is the other side of making this machine both light and intense, and to expect generally is doubtful.

Additionally, in the event that you utilize it consistently, the battery is appraised to 500 revive cycles, recommending that you'll require a substitution battery before two years is up.

Information Color Benchmarks

Notwithstanding our ordinary testing, we likewise ran a screen examination that decided a range of 96% of sRGB. For a PC that is a dynamite result, despite the fact that as it just speaks to 76% of AdobeRGB, it isn't one that we'd prescribe for shading revised photographs.

Last decision

The blend of energy and execution in the Fujitsu Lifebook U938 is a bit of inebriating, if not taken with some restraint.

When you factor in the versatility of the machine, this turns into the kind of hardware that creators are compelled to wrestle once more from commentators, potentially utilizing a stepping stool or some other tag-group gear to quell them.

Parts of it could have been all the more powerfully made, we're certain, however this is an unadulterated pure blood, not a truck horse.

One issue with the Lifebook that we'd would have liked to see less of nowadays is the quantity of disturbing applications the producer chose to pre-introduce.

Some of them demonstrated so irritating; we're taking a gander at you McAfee Livesafe, that we were compelled to evacuate those only to finish our benchmarks without being over and over hindered by apparently interminable frenzy moving cautions.

In a business situation this garbage will in all likelihood be evacuated before the client ever observes it, so why try introducing it in any case?

In any case, whatever the reason, we wish Fujitsu and others would stop, as it just bothers commentators, IT work force and clients alike.

In any case, niggles aside, there are such a significant number of incredible things about this machine, particularly in the event that you need something simple to convey and swarming with helpful highlights. Something this all around designed, planned and assembled was never going to be modest, however it is most likely justified regardless of each penny.

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