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Checkout the Best Gaming Routers

Best Gaming Routers (Linksys Ports)
There was still some sloppiness to the lower mids and it seemed like there was a dunk in the recurrence reaction at the hybrid from the satellite's woofer to the sub. Fortunately that didn't influence the vocal range excessively and babble between character.
We know what you're considering, "Best switch for gaming? Any genuine gamer is on a hard-wired association!" We hear you, yet everybody still needs WiFi in their home keeping in mind the end goal to survive. Gratefully, with the landing of you can really amusement over a remote association in case you're managing link directing issues or another obstruction that keeps you from going wired. In addition, the most current remote convention ( is substantially speedier than its antecedent, 80211.n, because of new execution boosting highlights, for example, beamforming and MU-MIMO.

This is awesome news for individuals who may have needed to attempt some remote gaming previously however surrendered because of a flakey association. To enable make sense of to which is the best remote switch for gaming, we've tried the best models at present accessible at both close and long range. We likewise investigated their gaming highlights (on the off chance that they have any, as not every one of them do), and touched base at a conclusion in light of both target and emotional testing. In view of our test results, there were a few magnificent choices however one clear claim to the title of best gaming switch. In view of our testing, these are the best gaming switches:

The tri-band variant of the famous Nighthawk switch doesn't generally acquire anything new to the table terms of highlights as it's a truly standard Wave 2 80211.AC switch, however it's quick, dependable, and simple to utilize, and you can't request substantially more in a switch. We cherish its smooth outline, flip-out radio wires, and great execution. To the extent highlights go it offers DLNA bolster, port collection on the off chance that you need to send it in a SOHO setup, and in the event that you have any MU-MIMO gadgets/connectors it underpins that as well. It's intended for a major house with a great deal of gadgets, in any case, so this is just for people who can immerse a double band association.

The Nighthawk XR 500 is the organization's first switch expressly intended for gaming, and it has the best interface we've ever utilized on a switch care of DumaOS. Its basic role is to decrease associations with faraway servers when utilizing a matchmaking administration in a diversion like Call of Duty, so you can advise the switch to reject associations that are further away than any client determined separation. It will likewise demonstrate you ping times to different servers regardless of whether the diversions themselves won't. Furthermore it's one of the speedier switches we've tried, looks extremely cool, and has every one of the highlights we anticipate from a best retire switch, for example, MU-MIMO and Quality of Service. In case you're doing any web based gaming through comfort, it's effortlessly the best switch you can purchase.

The Linksys WRT3200ACM is a double band gaming switch that truly needs you to utilize an open source firmware on it, subsequently the WRT in its name. Obviously you can run open source firmware on a great deal of gaming switches nowadays, so the WRT 3200ACM isn't that interesting, yet it's as yet a cool element for control clients. It was nearly our best select lost by a razor thin edge to the Netgear gaming switch since it wasn't exactly as quick in our tests, and furthermore in light of the fact that to accomplish its evaluated speed of AC3200 you'll require extraordinary equipment. It's as yet an exceptionally solid bundle however with quick 5G execution and brilliant programming on both work area and portable.

Quickest Dual-Band at 2.4GHz — Asus RT-AC88U AC3100 Gaming Router

This is Asus' best retire double band gaming switch, and on account of a touch of extravagant tech prepared in named NitroQAM it can present to 25 percent more transmission capacity than other AC1900 switches when utilizing a good connector. In our tests its 5GHz band conveyed OK throughput yet it arrived about mid-pack among the switches we tried. On the 2.4GHz band be that as it may, it was the quickest of all the gaming switches by a wide edge. It likewise flaunts the capacity to organize gadgets and in addition kinds of activity, and has to a great degree smooth programming for both work area and portable, making it an amazing and balanced gaming switch for was clear. I attempted the other diversion EQ modes however I wasn't inspired. The Dolby Game setting included a lot of treble that sounded piercing and unnatural to my ears. The "amusement" setting under the EQ was comparative, in spite of the fact that it additionally included some bass that I didn't discover vital. For whatever is left of my gaming time I stayed with the THX profile.

Battelfield 1 was a comparable ordeal to Star Wars. The sound field before me had extraordinary size and profundity to it and the situation of slugs zooming through the air was exceptionally exact. I cut the bass lift down somewhat more as it felt that it was blended somewhat higher than it was in Battlefront. The sub still gave extraordinary thunder as I drove around a tank and mortars detonated outside. It unquestionably got my heart pumping.

The sound field before me had extraordinary size and profundity to it and the situation of shots zooming through the air was exceptionally precise.

When I changed to hear some out music tracks I changed over to the Dolby Music setting and was frustrated. The vocals sounded far off and suppressed, the bass was fluffy, and the highs were coarse. Changing to the custom EQ alternative aided fundamentally. Chris Cornell's vocals on Spoonman were currently up front. The bass was somewhat unfocused and I could hear the recurrence plunge at the hybrid point once more (sounded to be around 120Hz), which I couldn't settle with the 8-band EQ. Is anything but a gigantic blemish however, and it didn't reduce much from the general listening background.

There is some top of the line sizzle that was extremely evident on Nuthin' But A G Thang. I found that it restricted the volume I could easily play the track. There wasn't any flag corruption when music was played over Bluetooth. Blending with my telephone was amazingly simple (simply switch the speaker contribution to Bluetooth and select it from my found gadget list), and the control pod controlled the volume yield of my iPhone."

The Nommo Pro can truly draw out the volume.

The Nommo Pro can truly draw out the volume. When gaming I seldom went over 50-60 and still felt completely submerged. For music I cleared out it at 30-35 so there's a lot of volume on tap here.

Since each satellite is saturated with Chroma lighting, I focused on it amid gaming and found the lighting choices on the Nommo Pro are somewhat pointless. The amusement coordination is restricted, yet when it reacts to activities in something like Doom it's a pleasant expansion. Past that, having a sparkle from the speaker base while playing in a dim room can include some cool vibe, and on the off chance that you are as of now an individual from the Razer family having your peripherals connected by shading is entirely cool.

At long last, I additionally as of late investigated the $200 Logitech G560, so how do the two think about? The Nommo Pro certainly solid superior to the Logitech. There's more bass expansion (I think the Logitech had a critical drop off around 50Hz and the Pro drops more like 20Hz), and there's better EQ customizability. THX is a pleasant reward, as well. However, would they say they are "more than twice as costly as the Logitech" better? Not in any way, and in the event that you don't have other Razer gadgets to synchronize the lighting with the speakers the sticker price is significantly harder to swallow. In general the Nommo Pro's estimating is more inline with home theater bookshelf speakers.

Razer Nommo Pro – Purchasing Guide

The Razer Nommo Pro has a MSRP of $499, and since they're fresh out of the plastic new that is a similar value you'll see them for on Amazon. They will probably be out of stock however, so you can simply get them on Razer's site also:

The Razer Nommo Pro, which was disclosed at CES not long ago, is presently accessible for £500 from the Razer store. Different retailers are before long to take after. The following, is Vaughn's hands-on with the item.
With regards to purchasing PC speakers, there's a relatively unbounded measure of decision out there, with a value extend that ranges from underneath £10 up to whatever you'd jump at the chance to pay. The inconvenience is that once you begin going after the higher end, you're going into home silver screen framework region.

That is the place the Razer Nommo Pro comes in. Reported at CES 2018 close by its littler kin, the Razer Nommo and Razer Nommo Chroma, the Razer Nommo Pro is a 2.1 setup composed particularly for premium gaming setups. Pitched as a "no-trade off" speaker setup, the Nommo Pros are the committed gaming speakers from Razer intended to offer preferred range and clearness over the Razer Leviathan soundbar that is right now accessible.

It's important that, as the excellent speaker in Razer's Nommo go, the Pro is essentially more completely highlighted than the Razer Nommo and Nommo Chroma. Thus, I will center around my chance with the Nommo Pro, yet I'll contact upon the other two for relative reasons.

Purchase the Razer Nommo Pro from the Razer store

Razer Nommo Pro audit: UK value, discharge date and particulars

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I'll come to the heart of the matter. Similarly as with everything Razer, the Nommo Pro isn't shabby. You can get the Razer Nommo for a sensible £110 and the Nommo Chroma at £170, however the Nommo Pro will set you back an at first eye-watering £500.

I know, I can hear your jaw hit the floor as of now. Yet, likewise with everything Razer, the soliciting cost is demonstrative from the quality you're receiving consequently. Beside the Chroma choices of the Nommo Chroma, the Nommo and Nommo Chroma are indistinguishable. Both accompany woven glass-fiber 3in drivers, coordinated back confronting bass ports and instinctive volume and bass controls to guarantee your EQ dependably remains level.

The Nommo Pro, in any case, utilizes Dupont-covered Kevlar fiber drivers and silk-woven tweeters to guarantee, Razer claims, the cleanest and crispest sound comes through. Not at all like the Nommo and Nommo Chroma, the Nommo Pro is THX-ensured and accompanies Dolby Virtual Surround Sound to imitate a 5.1 setup. There's likewise a barrel shaped descending shooting subwoofer to guarantee your neighbors or friends and family can hear the bass of that quick firing rifle you're shaking.

As far as network, the Nommo Pro backings USB, Optical, Bluetooth and 3.5mm jack associations, alongside a different control unit to effectively get to volume and source controls and give you an earphone jack that isn't around the back of your PC.

Razer Nommo Pro audit: Design and highlights

On the outline front, the Razer Nommo Pro is a peculiar mammoth. It looks part speed firearm, part Star Wars blaster but then the lion's share of its plan is totally down to earth. The upward inclination of its round and hollow fundamental body is, evidently, intended to expand ideal sound yield and is an immediate consequence of working with THX for speaker accreditation. The different tweeter is extinguished from the primary body to guarantee its sound isn't meddled with by the principle driver, enabling the fresh highs to be heard neatly finished all the activity.

The round and hollow nature of both the descending terminating subwoofer and the principle speakers is to make an even stream of air to make enduring sound. A similar plan standards have been used on the Razer Nommo and Nommo Chroma, regardless of whether they do not have every one of the highlights of the Nommo Pro.

In genuineness, I'm not exactly beyond any doubt the amount of this plan rule I purchase, yet it is irrefutable that these are extremely decent PC speakers. In my concise time with them, it's reasonable they can create warm, rich sound when tuning in to music or viewing Netflix, yet would then be able to increase to convey the ideal sound setup you'd requirement for an aggressive round of Overwatch, PUBG or notwithstanding something immersive like the up and coming PC arrival of Final Fantasy XV.

Razer says it's outlined these speakers to work best in short-toss circumstances, basically meaning your fundamental PC setup condition. Nonetheless, they figured out how to convey sound from the opposite side of the Razer stall on a bustling CES indicate floor, so Razer is obviously overseeing desires here.

On initial introductions, the Razer Nommo Pro seems to be an incredible expansion to Razer's line of PC peripherals. The speaker scene can be a precarious one to split be that as it may, of course, Razer isn't keeping down. My solitary concern is that at first soak value point. At £500, you truly need to need the best gaming setup out there. It's a hell of significantly more than most other 5.1 setups available.

Purchase the Razer Nommo Pro from the Razer store

The Razer Nommo and Nommo Chroma, then again, offer a significant enticing suggestion. At sub-£200, they speak to a strong interest in average PC speakers that, on account of the Nommo Chroma, incorporate rather pleasantly into your Razer-filled gaming setup.

Similarly as with all Razer items, regardless of which one you decide on, you won't be frustrated. I, for one, can hardly wait to give the Razer Nommo Pro a legitimate going over in the not so distant future.

The Verdict

In general the Razer Nommo Pro stable awesome. While there are a couple of issues – to be specific the to some degree soft bass, and highs that can get somewhat unforgiving – those flaws are minor in the great plan of things and the Nommos kept me completely drew in when I utilized them for gaming. The greatest issue is their $500 sticker price. In the event that you don't have other Razer items to incorporate with the lighting the sticker price is out and out high.

Step by step instructions to Buy the Right Gaming Router

PC-gaming aficionados comprehend the estimation of speed. They normally unit out their gaming rigs with the speediest processors, loads of memory, fast strong state drives, and top of the line designs cards. Be that as it may, even the quickest gaming framework can't defeat a swarmed, congested system and a strained remote switch. What's more, nowadays, a few families are seeing system stuffing that brings to mind a Tokyo tram auto in surge hour.

An entire family of apparatus can mean heaps of telephones, tablets, HDTVs, spilling video/music gadgets, and savvy home rigging all interfacing with—and pounding—the ambushed family unit switch. (It is anything but a distortion that a few family units will have many gadgets.) Any internet gamers in the house must go after that switch's transfer speed, alongside every other person. What's more, that can prompt erratic, some of the time shoddy, gaming execution.

Presently, on a fundamental level, numerous switches offer Quality of Service (QoS) settings that let you offer need to gadgets or applications that require loads of data transfer capacity. In any case, very few of them offer the gamer-driven settings and improvements that you get with a devoted gaming switch. In the event that system slack is disturbing your diversion, read on to discover how a gaming switch can give you back your focused edge—and how to pick the one that best suits your family, your play style, and your financial plan.

QoS: You Gotta Have Priorities

Maybe the greatest contrast between a gaming switch and a run of the mill buyer switch is the means by which it handles QoS, or data transmission prioritization obligations. All switches offer a type of QoS, from the non specific Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) augmentations that naturally organize arrange bundles conveying voice and video information, to move prioritization that gives you a chance to give certain customer gadgets need over different ones on the system.

Gaming switches go above and beyond, by offering prioritization for particular gaming frameworks and applications, and enabling you to choose how much data transfer capacity every customer is qualified for. That can be particularly imperative on the off chance that you have different web based gamers in a similar family unit, who are for the most part vieing for the feed from a similar pipe. For instance, Linksys gaming switches have firmware that naturally gives arrange need to gadgets that are furnished with Rivet Networks' Killer Prioritization Engine (KPE). At the point when the switch identifies a gadget furnished with Killer organizing equipment, it gives that gadget the lion's offer of data transmission to guarantee smooth, slack free web based gameplay. The organization likewise has a gaming switch that naturally gives arrange need to Microsoft Xbox reassures. (It's a variation of the Linksys WRT32X Wi-Fi Gaming Router in our top choices table above.)

Many gaming switches additionally utilize a changed administration comfort with a gamer-accommodating UI that makes it simple to dole out data transfer capacity needs on the fly. Netgear as of late started equipping its gaming switches with DUMAOS, an intelligent, gamer-accommodating working framework created by Netduma. It has a smooth looking dashboard that gives you a chance to perceive what is new with your system initially, with diagrams demonstrating ongoing CPU and transmission capacity utilization, right now introduced applications, visitor organizing status, Wi-Fi status, and web status.

Netgear DUMAOS

It additionally has a Geo-Filter highlight that can help diminish slack by constraining the separation to the host servers you play on. By setting your home area on the guide and determining a separation run, you can avert players and servers that are outside of your range from facilitating your diversion.

You can likewise utilize tweaked programming to upgrade web based gaming execution. Utilizing firmware from sources, for example, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, and Tomato, you can release the maximum capacity of your switch to upgrade generally speaking sign quality, screen ongoing use, and organize data transmission utilization. To do this, however, the switch must help open-source firmware redesigns. Ensure you have a smart thought of how switches and firmware cooperate before you choose to go this course. (See our most loved Wi-Fi switches that help DD-WRT.)

Best Gaming Routers (Netgear Nighthawk)

Double Band or Tri-Band?

Any gaming switch deserving at least some respect will offer no less than two radio groups. The 2.4GHz band is the most broadly utilized band and has a tendency to become more busy than the 5GHz one. You'll show signs of improvement go on the 2.4GHz band, yet it can't coordinate the paces that you get with the 5GHz.

In the event that your gaming framework is in closeness to your switch, the 5GHz band will give the best throughput execution. On the off chance that you have various gadgets associating with your system, a tri-band switch is your most logical option. Tri-band switches include a second 5GHz band that you can commit to specific gadgets or applications. For instance, you can hold a whole 5GHz band only to game (inasmuch as your PC-gaming rig or your comfort bolsters 5GHz Wi-Fi) and utilize the other 5GHz band for high-data transfer capacity applications, for example, video spilling, monstrous document exchanges, or downpour downloads. This leaves the more swarmed 2.4GHz band free for regular assignments, for example, web surfing and associating with brilliant home gadgets, for example, lights, cameras, locks, and security frameworks.

Purchasing for Tomorrow: MU-MIMO, Beamforming, and Wider Channels

Obviously, in the event that you are a devoted web based gamer (or you have one in your family unit), you realize that system requests for the most recent recreations only here and there move toward "less requesting." So you'll need to ensure you pick a future-confirmation switch. As enticing as it might be to spare cash and select a 802.11n switch, realize that 802.11n uses more established, slower innovation and does not have the upgrades that accompany the most recent 802.11ac models. These improvements incorporate MU-MIMO information gushing and beamforming.

Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) innovation is the huge one to search for now. It takes into account concurrent information spilling to different customers, instead of consecutive gushing. This is an exceptionally helpful component; the fundamental admonition is that every customer gadget needs to help MU-MIMO to exploit the enhanced throughput. As new apparatus gets added to your system in coming years, in any case, it's more liable to help MU-MIMO, so you'll be happy you picked it in your switch. (For additional on MU-MIMO, look at our preliminary, Understanding MU-MIMO Wireless.)

Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

Another key rising tech to search for, beamforming, additionally enhances throughput. As the name recommends, it includes forming the flag itself, in light of a legitimate concern for proficiency and expanding range. It transmits a Wi-Fi motion in a more engaged way directly at a customer, instead of broadcasting every which way. To pick up the advantage, the two gadgets need to help beamforming tech, with the goal that each can impart its relative position to the next, and in this manner center the flag the correct way.

Beamforming has been solidified inside 802.11ac (more about which in a minute), and gadgets that help both 802.11ac and beamforming should cooperate flawlessly. All things considered, not every one of the 802.11ac gadgets fundamentally bolster the innovation, so you'll have to search for particular help for it. (Additionally, realize that some switch creators allude to the beamforming highlight in their items with their own particular restrictive names.)

A significant number of the most recent switches additionally offer a more extensive channel data transfer capacity of up to 160Hz, contrasted and the commonplace 40Hz and 80Hz channel widths that you get with more established switches. Similarly as with MU-MIMO, you'll require 160Hz-perfect customers to get to the more extensive channels. Be that as it may, it bodes well to choose 160Hz of every another gaming switch presently, seeing as, as with MU-MIMO, bolster for it will turn out to be progressively basic in new gadgets you add to your system not far off.

D-Link Ac3200

Feed That Speed: Deciphering 802.11ac

As we noted before, bolster for the 802.11ac spec is the thing that you need to choose today in any gaming switch. In any case, you will discover shades of separation among 802.11ac models as far as paces and groups. The greatest pieces of information are frequently right in the names of the switches themselves. You simply require the decoder ring.

A 802.11ac switch's hypothetical greatest throughput speed is recognized by a numerical "air conditioning" assignment. Usually part of the genuine switch's name. For instance, a double band AC1750 switch can hit hypothetical most extreme rates of 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1,300Mbps on the 5GHz band. (As an aside, it won't hit 1,750Mbps all at one time. That is only the whole of the two groups' potential.)

In like manner, take a tri-band AC3200 switch. It can hit 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, and 1,300Mbps on every one of its two 5GHz groups (at the same time, once more, not 3,200Mbps at one time). The AC number is just a whole of its potential. Once more, these paces are hypothetical since they are once in a while accomplished in true applications. In all actuality, you will improve generally speaking execution from an AC3200 switch than you will from an AC1750 one, however you'll additionally pay significantly more.

More to Know: Ports, Security, Access Controls

Most gaming switches utilize a similar equipment inside that conventional Wi-Fi switches do, however you'll regularly have the capacity to distinguish the gaming models one from the other from the lay without hesitation. They typically sport a to some degree distinctive outside undercarriage outline than their broadly useful partners. Shop around, and you may see strange pizazz, for example, a slick fenced in area or even LED enlightenment impacts.

On a more utilitarian level, search for a switch that has no less than four gigabit LAN ports, so you can present wired availability to adjacent gaming consoles, printers, and PCs. No less than one USB port, ideally supporting USB 3.0, proves to be useful for joining peripherals you need to share over the system, for example, versatile hard drives, streak drives, and printers. A switch with two such USB ports offers significantly greater adaptability.

Best Gaming Routers (Linksys Ports)

Parental controls are imperative, as well, particularly on the off chance that you happen to have more youthful youngsters. They enable you to square access to specific locales (think: grown-up content), constrain web based gaming or in general system access to particular hours and long periods of the week, and screen arrange utilization for every customer. A visitor organizing highlight is likewise worth searching for on the off chance that you frequently have carefully canny houseguests, as it gives you a chance to give restricted remote access to your system utilizing a different SSID and secret word. Along these lines, your visitors can get to the Internet, yet they can't see other system resources, for example, envelopes, records, printers, and the characters of other associated customers. (Furthermore, you can appoint visitors to a radio band that won't meddle with your gaming.)

All switches, obviously, offer some sort of security. Wi-Fi Protected Access (in WPA as well as WPA2 flavors) is the most widely recognized, and it necessitates that every customer utilize a secret key to get to the system. Support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is likewise normal and extremely helpful, as it enables you to add WPS-perfect customers to your system with the push of a catch. For more hearty safety efforts, however, search for a switch that backings WPS-Enterprise or Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) verification.

Best Gaming Routers (Security)

You'll discover an once-over of our most loved gaming switches underneath. (Additionally look at our best generally switch picks, gaming or something else.) Once you've discovered the correct model for your home and spending plan, you'll likewise need to see our tips for setting up your switch and boosting your Wi-Fi flag.

The Best Gaming Routers Featured in This Roundup:

Geniuses: Supports 802.11ad convention. MU-MIMO competent. Sublime short proximity, and superb by and large execution in testing. Numerous highlights.

Cons: Expensive. Extensive impression. There are couple of 802.11ad customers at this written work.

Primary concern: The TP-Link Talon AD7200 Multi-Band is the initial 802.11ad switch to hit the market, and it decidedly shouts, conveying near 1Gbps throughput.

$180.47 at Amazon

Professionals: Solid throughput execution. MU-MIMO gushing. Brilliant prioritization controls. Worked in organize insurance. Vigorous highlights and administration settings.

Cons: Middling record exchange speeds. Vertical mount as it were.

Primary concern: The Asus RT-AC86U is a quick AC2900 double band switch that is outfitted with the most recent systems administration innovation and is stacked with gamer advancement and system security highlights.

MSRP: $279.99

Best Price at Amazon

Masters: Sleek outline. Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) fit. Solid throughput execution in testing. Backings open-source firmware.

Cons: Pricey. Average document exchange speeds.

Primary concern: D-Link's attractive AC3150 Ultra Wi-Fi Router (DIR-885L/R) offers quick throughput execution, MU-MIMO information spilling, and bolster for open-source firmware, making it our best pick for midrange switches.

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Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router Review

MSRP: $249.99

$195.90 at Amazon

Masters: Very quick 5GHz throughput in testing. Remarkable record exchange speeds. Backings MU-MIMO and Tri-Stream 160MHz innovations, open-source firmware.

Cons: Middling 2.4GHz throughput scores. No 160MHz customers accessible.

Primary concern: The Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Gigabit Wi-Fi Router is a modestly estimated double band switch that offers the most recent Wi-Fi advances and conveys blasting 5GHz and document exchange speeds.

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Linksys WRT32X Wi-Fi Gaming Router

Linksys WRT32X Wi-Fi Gaming Router Review

MSRP: $299.99

$199.00 at Amazon

Masters: Uses Killer Networks Prioritization motor. Quick 2.4GHz throughput in testing. Simple to introduce and arrange. Backings MU-MIMO gushing. Quick record exchange speeds.

Cons: Pricey. Ordinary 5GHz throughput.

Main concern: The Linksys WRT32X Wi-Fi Gaming Router utilizes the Killer Networks Prioritization motor to ensure you have a lot of data transfer capacity for internet gaming. It additionally offers quick 2.4GHz and document exchange execution.

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Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Review

MSRP: $299.99

$293.99 at Amazon

Pros: Easy to install. Gamer-friendly management software. Good close-range throughput and file-transfer performance in testing.

Cons: Middling long-range performance in testing. Costlier than competing models.

Bottom Line: The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is an AC2600 dual-band router that offers a gamer-friendly management interface and solid close-range throughput performance.

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