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Checkout the Best Wearable GPS Trackers for Your Kids

Child rearing accompanies an extensive variety of difficulties—however maybe the hardest one of all is guaranteeing your children are protected notwithstanding when they're far away. Luckily, with wearable GPS trackers for kids, the test of parenthood just got somewhat simpler.
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As children develop, they'll need to investigate, push limits, and make their own particular principles. Regardless of whether your kid is on a family excursion, at an event congregation, or on a school trip, GPS beacons for kids give you one less thing to stress over. What's more, regardless of whether your tyke is beginning kindergarten or is in center school, kids GPS watches and other wearable GPS innovation enable you to monitor your tyke's day without being excessively meddling—giving you the genuine feelings of serenity that each parent longs for.

We've assembled a rundown of the best GPS trackers for kids available today, so you can locate an ideal choice for your child's way of life.

Interesting points in a Kids GPS Tracker

Finding the correct GPS tracker for your kid can be a test. It's useful to comprehend what highlights are most imperative to you and what confinements will be a major issue. Regardless of whether you're searching for a children GPS watch or a GPS beacon you can cover in a pocket, you have to realize that the kid GPS beacon will convey.

Here are the best interesting points previously settling on a children GPS tracker for your family.


When you're taking a gander at GPS for kids, it's vital to ensure that the GPS beacon is agreeable and simple for your tyke to utilize.

Age Range

Numerous trackers have suggested ages for utilize. Notwithstanding those rules, consider how huge the catches are, the way simple it is for little fingers to react to you or connect for help, and regardless of whether they can put it on and take it off alone. In case you're worried about them expelling the tracker, search for one with against alter highlights.

Battery Life

The most ideal situation is a GPS tracker for kids that holds a charge for a couple of days. The all the more high-upkeep a tracker is (requiring every day charging), the more probable you are to leave home without it or wind up with a dead battery.


You don't have any possibility of finding your kid on the off chance that they're not wearing the tracker. Ensure the material is adaptable and non-disturbing to delicate skin, and in addition sufficiently movable to guarantee a safe, however comfortable fit.


Since your kid will take the GPS tracker with them on the entirety of their experiences, it should have the capacity to withstand a decent measure of discipline.


Search out strong material that can take whatever your child can hand out. Strong band development and a secured or break evidence face can face roughhousing, sports, and the wear and tear of day by day utilize.

Water Resistance

Children are continually getting their hands grimy, which implies they have to clean up routinely. While couple of GPS gadgets are absolutely waterproof, a quality GPS beacon ought to have the capacity to deal with accidental water and sprinkling.


Children GPS watches and trackers accompany a wide assortment of fancy odds and ends, so it slices through the razzle-stun and distinguish the highlights that truly protect your kid.


You get additional significant serenity when you can set security zones and edge cautions with a virtual fence. Geo-fencing tells you your tyke is the place they should be and cautions you in the event that they leave the limits you've set up.


Regardless of whether you basically need to track your kid around the area or watch them amid a crosscountry visit to Grandma, you require a GPS tracker that will work for the range and separation you require. Remember that gadgets that depend just on Bluetooth regularly have constrained range, so these are best for nearness following.

Cautions and Notifications

Children GPS beacons accompany diverse caution and notice settings. Some refresh area just at regular intervals, and others let you check in like clockwork. Consider how regularly you need updates and how much adaptability you requirement for various conditions.

Frenzy Button

On the off chance that your youngster is lost or frightened, they should simply hit the SOS or frenzy ready catch to instantly let you and other crisis contacts know they require help. For youngsters that invest energy in their own after school or while in transit to extracurricular exercises, this component can influence both you and your tyke to feel more secure.

Two-Way Communication

Now and again all you require is the area of your youngster, however different occasions you need to have the capacity to converse with them. In the event that correspondence is critical, a GPS wearable with two-way talk can be the ideal security arrangement.


Extraordinary compared to other approaches to guarantee your child will keep their tracker on is to make it amusing to wear. A few GPS gadgets for kids have diversions and reward frameworks to keep youths drew in and willing to wear them consistently. Simply ensure the recreations aren't distracting to the point that it gets them in a bad position at school.


A tyke GPS beacon doesn't do any great on the off chance that it can't precisely disclose to you where your kid is. Take a gander at how well a children GPS tracker can pinpoint the youngster's area and if there are any constraints on how regularly it updates or in the case of wearing it inside restrains precision.

Constant Tracking

When you have to know where your tyke is at this moment, there isn't a minute to save. In the event that observing your tyke continuously is vital, ensure the wearable you pick offers that component and conveys dependably.

Indoor Use

It can be hard to get a decent read on areas when youngsters are inside a building. Ensure the gadget you select addresses your issues for indoor following, particularly if your tyke will invest a lion's share of energy inside.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids


Being a parent is hard. Being a parent to a kid with a mental imbalance or different incapacities can be much harder. There are many known situations where kids with incapacities will meander away, regularly getting lost. AngelSense was made on account of one reason: to help secure these youngsters. Past the plenty of following capacities—from wellbeing zone setup to 30-second updates—AngelSense's Listen-In work gives guardians a chance to tune in to how their youngster's day is going, guaranteeing they're not abused, disregarded, or lost.Read one mother's full survey of the AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker.


AngelCall 2-Way Voice

You can converse with your kid whenever, and they don't have to stress over catches or tapping on anything to visit.

Tune in Function

The gadget gives you a chance to tune in on your tyke's day to hear what's occurring around them.

30-Second Updates

See what your tyke has been up to with journal logs that info information at regular intervals.


High Monthly Fees

AngelSense's awesome highlights do include some significant downfalls. Plans begin around $30 and go up from that point, contingent upon whether you pay in advance or in portions.

Champion Feature: Made for Kids with Disabilities

AngelSense is the main gadget available for kids with extreme introvertedness and different handicaps. Its highlights go a long ways past what customary GPS trackers can do.

"AngelSense has furnished me with the capacity to find my child whenever, even in the thickly swarmed scene of New York City. Consistently I tune in to hear his collaboration with his instructors and companions at school. When he's home, we go over the journal together and I demonstrate to him the Google delineate of where he's been that day; it's an exceptional time where we discuss his day together."

— AngelSense survey

hereO 2 GPS Watch for Kids

hereO 2 GPS Watch for Kids


Fitting in issues to most children—from the manner in which they converse with the manner in which they dress. Also, in spite of the fact that GPS trackers for kids come in all shapes and sizes, the hereO GPS watch is the best approach with regards to feel. The assortment of lively hues claims to your youngster's mold sense, while the thin plan makes it agreeable for throughout the day wear. Furthermore, with continuous following, closeness cautions, wellbeing zone setup, area history, and that's only the tip of the iceberg—you'll have the most secure and most trendy child on the square.


Alter Alert and Lock

It has an alter ready element that tells all relatives when the gadget is evacuated and an extra bolt highlight for kids inclined to expelling the gadget.

Continuous Tracking

You can utilize the hereO application for continuous updates of your tyke's area.

Fits Small Wrists

While most gadgets are either excessively cumbersome or too huge on a youthful youngster's wrist, this children GPS tracker fits kids as youthful as three.



Its lofty sticker price is a staying point for most guardians, thinking of it as doesn't offer two-way calling.

Champion Feature: Can Be Used with All Carriers

The implicit SIM card utilizes mobile phone towers everything being equal, so you can simply monitor your kid.

"The idea driving the hereO watch is absolutely one any parent can get behind, and the plan and size are perfect for kids, dissimilar to other individual GPS locators."


Children love prizes—and now their GPS watch can enable you to advance great conduct. The AmbyGear Smartwatch accomplishes more than track your children—it keeps them occupied for the duration of the day with fun amusements and learning exercises. Each time your child accomplishes something right, the watch rewards them with uplifting feedback and focuses. Furthermore, dissimilar to other GPS beacons for kids, this locator gives your children a chance to track you as well. This element can prove to be useful whenever your kid feels terrified or frightened.


Reward System

Your children can gather focuses for exercises you set up, which they can later trade for rewards.

Schedule App

Set up updates for your child so they're generally on time.

Learning Activities
The gadget comes outfitted with an extensive variety of learning exercises that train children to be more dependable.



With such a large number of fun activities on this gadget, your youngster may get occupied and lose center around needs.

Champion Feature: Parent Tracking

Not at all like different children GPS trackers, AmbyGear gives your children a chance to find you in the event that they feel stressed or risky.

"AmbyGear's watch is gone for kids ages three to eleven—when they're excessively youthful, making it impossible to have their very own cell phone, however at an age where they may either stray, or still should be in contact with their folks by one means or another."

— TechCrunch survey, 2015

Weenect Kids GPS Child Tracker

Weenect Kids GPS Child Tracker


Weenect works in more than 100 nations; be that as it may, it's not accessible in the US and Canada. Be that as it may, this current locator's propelled following abilities caught our eye. With a live guide, compass, and separation commencement following, the Weenect kid GPS tracker conveys unmatched area exactness, which gives solid genuine feelings of serenity in case you're in the midst of some recreation or live outside the US or Canada. Alongside wellbeing zone setup, a frenzy catch, and two-way calling abilities, this gadget covers all the absolute necessities that a child needs to feel safe. It additionally accompanies a long battery life—up to seven days—so you won't need to stress over the gadget biting the dust while your child is away.


Long Battery Life

Weenect Kids has a more drawn out battery life in contrast with other wearable gadgets, so you won't need to worry about charging it every day.

Boundless Number of Zones

You can set up the same number of security zones as you requirement for your kid, giving them more opportunity and less confinements.

Boundless GPS Tracking

With this children GPS tracker, you won't need to stress over separation cutoff points or time invested in genuine energy mode when finding your youngster.


Not Wearable

Since it is anything but a wearable, your child should make sure to pack it in their knapsack before beginning their day.

Not Available in US or Canada

Shockingly, Weenect isn't as of now accessible for use in the US or Canada, however it works in excess of 100 nations over the globe.

Champion Feature: Accuracy

With three unique sorts of following—guide, compass, and radar—you'll have the capacity to find your child for all intents and purposes anyplace.

"I can entire heartedly say any parent needing to monitor a youngster who may not exactly be prepared for a telephone, will locate a brilliant arrangement in Weenect."

— Customer survey, 2017

My Buddy Tag Bluetooth Wristband

My Buddy Tag Bluetooth Wristband


Now and again the main thing your child needs to do is bounce in the pool—however pools can frequently prompt coincidental drownings. That is the place My Buddy Tag comes in. In the same way as other GPS beacons for kids, My Buddy Tag encourages you track your kid when they're beyond anyone's ability to see. Be that as it may, one of the highlights that influences it to emerge is its ready framework. At the point when the band is submerged in water for five back to back seconds, it conveys a warning—guarding your child when they're playing in the pool.


Reasonable Price

This wellbeing gadget is a standout amongst the most moderate available—you can get it for about $40.

Concurrent Tracking

In the event that you have a few youngsters, you can track them all the while and distinguish each tag by name utilizing the application.

Long Battery Life

The lithium battery is intended to last an entire year.


Restricted Range

The range for the gadget is forty feet inside, and 80– 120 feet outside.

Champion Feature: Waterproof

The My Buddy Tag is waterproof, which is a colossal favorable position when your children are playing in the pool or at the shoreline.

Willie Wu, maker of My Buddy Tag, had this to state: "My Buddy Tag averts coincidental suffocating. There is no other gadget out there can likewise caution you when your tyke incidentally falls into a pool or lake."

Lineable Smart Wristband for Kids

Lineable Smart Wristband for Kids


Child rearing and planning regularly go as an inseparable unit. Lineable is a financial plan well disposed GPS tracker for kids, however it accompanies no extra highlights. A standout amongst the most remarkable things about this gadget is its crowdsourcing GPS. Anybody with the Lineable Application, inside scope of the gadget, can help guardians in finding their missing youngster. While this is a one of a kind and trailblazing capacity, it works just if individuals really download the application.


Reasonable Price

The low cost of this GPS beacon encourages it emerge from the opposition, offering a to a great degree sparing arrangement in case you're on a financial plan.

Long Battery Life

You won't need to stress over the battery biting the dust with this wearable gadget—it's worked to keep going for a whole year.

Brilliant Colors

A wide assortment of hues make it a good time for kids—they can look over light blue, white, pink, or orange wristbands.


Constrained Tracking

The following scope of the smartband is fairly constrained, likewise with other Bluetooth gadgets. You can find your youngster inside sixty-five to ninety-eight feet, contingent upon condition.

Champion Feature: GPS Crowdsourcing

The gadget is intended to utilize GPS crowdsourcing, so the more Lineable application clients there are adjacent, the less demanding it is to pinpoint your youngster's area. Yet again individuals have this gadget and application, the precision will increment.

"The crowdsourcing GPS highlight Lineable uses as its working framework supports the guardians as well as the overall population to effectively take part in making a more secure world for kids by basically utilizing the Lineable application."

— Jane Kim, Lineable Marketing Manager

Golden Alert GPS Locator

Golden Alert GPS Locator


As a parent, you do your best to guard your kids, yet you can't envision everything. Here and there the surprising happens—and tyke GPS trackers like Amber Alert can help diminish the odds of troubling situations. With noteworthy highlights like area following, alarms, and speed recognition, the Amber Alert GPS locator causes you monitor your tyke's whereabouts consistently. It even takes advantage of the National Sex Offender Database to indicate whether your youngster is inside 500 feet of a sex guilty party, so you can conceivably keep a wrongdoing before it happens.


Wellbeing Zone Setup

You can program up to twenty safe zones to screen your kid's whereabouts.

Visit Location Updates

This tracker refreshes your kid's area like clockwork, which is regularly enough to comprehend what's happening, yet not all that successive that it makes the battery run low.

Quiet Mode

You can put the gadget in quiet mode to counteract diversions when your child is at school or snoozing.



The Amber Alert GPS Locator is a standout amongst the most costly gadgets on our rundown. An actuation charge and a month to month membership are additionally required.

Champion Feature: Sex Offender Detection

Golden Alert GPS is the main gadget that alarms you if your youngster is near an enrolled sex guilty party.

"Given that our general public has changed such a great amount, with double working guardians and the accentuation on kid security, we plan to convey a little significant serenity to guardians and a tad of flexibility to adolescents who are excessively youthful for a mobile phone."

— Mary Anne Keegan, CMO of Amber Alert GPS

Trax Play GPS Tracker for Children

Trax Play GPS Tracker for Children


There you are, getting a charge out of the day at an amusement stop, when you pivot to see your youngster is absent. You quickly scour the zone as frenzy sets in. Swarmed regions are one of the hardest spots to discover a youngster—particularly in the event that they're excessively youthful, making it impossible to talk. In the event that you have a little child that just began strolling, Trax Play is the answer for you. With basic highlights and usefulness, Trax Play is a no nonsense alternative for finding your tyke. It can without much of a stretch be cut onto a waist band or slipped into your kid's pocket for throughout the day wear. Be that as it may, since it doesn't offer two-way correspondence, it's best to check in on more youthful kids.


Little and Lightweight

This children GPS tracker weighs just 0.8 ounces and is roughly 55 x 38 x 10 mm—so you can fit it pretty much anyplace.

Pet Tracking

Not exclusively would you be able to utilize this gadget to track your kid, yet its size and shape make it simple to use for pets too.

Adaptable Settings

You can redo the recurrence of following from at regular intervals to five minutes, which will help broaden battery life.


No Two-Way Communication

You can't converse with your youngster with this gadget, which can be restricting on account of a crisis.

Champion Feature: Augmented Reality

Trax Play offers a genuinely one of a kind element: expanded reality, which empowers you to see an exact photo of your tyke's area.

"I extremely loved I could 'take after' my child to class and furthermore LOVED the geo-fence thought. It sends me a notice when my child enters and leaves the zone I made. It gives him an immense feeling of autonomy and me comfort knowing where he is."

— Customer survey, 2016

GizmoGadget Kids GPS Watch

GizmoGadget Kids GPS Watch


Most children like copying adults—and the GizmoGadget enables them to feel somewhat more like a grown-up. Out of the considerable number of GPS beacons for kids on this rundown, the GizmoGadget is the nearest to taking after the look and feel of an Apple smartwatch. With this GPS look for kids, your kiddo can send writings and emoticons and indicate ten contacts. Note that the GizmoGadget does exclude any diversions in light of the fact that, as your children will before long pick up, being a grown-up isn't about silly buffoonery.


Two-Way Calling

Not exclusively can your tyke get calls in case you're attempting to contact them, however they can call you also with refreshes.

Wellness Tracker

The gadget gives you a chance to track your tyke's means and reports how dynamic they were for the duration of the day.

Customized Text

Your kid can customize their message with emoticons, making the experience more fun and boosting for kids.

No Games

Despite the fact that this may be something to be thankful for a few guardians, kids will probably wear this children GPS watch if it's drawing in and amusing to utilize.

Champion Feature: Sophisticated Design

The GizmoGadget is a modern interpretation of children GPS watches. As your adolescents develop, they'll need something more develop—and the GizmoGadget is the ideal decision.

"The GizmoGadget has a huge amount of cool highlights. You can control its highlights from an application. You can even have it auto-reply after ten seconds...too numerous highlights to list"

— Customer survey, 2016

GizmoPal 2 Kids GPS Watch

GizmoPal 2 Kids GPS Watch


Your little ones are the greatest piece of your life, yet you can't be with them constantly. From childcare to after-school exercises, your children have their very own existence. The GizmoPal 2, the kin of the more refined GizmoGadget, gives your children a chance to keep in contact with you, notwithstanding when they're away. The basic outline and usefulness make it simple for more youthful children to know precisely what catches to press on the off chance that they have to contact you.


Two-Way Communication

Your youngster can call up to four numbers if there should be an occurrence of a crisis, or you can consider them to monitor how their day is going.

Reasonable Price

This children GPS watch comes at an exceptionally moderate cost for every one of the highlights and following capacities it gives.

Ongoing Tracking

In case you're interested about your child's whereabouts yet would prefer not to aggravate them amidst the day, you can undoubtedly track them progressively to perceive what they're doing.



The outline and attack of the GIZMOPAL 2 is massive for youthful youngsters, making it awkward for throughout the day wear.

Champion Feature: Touchscreen

This GPS look for kids has a touchscreen for quick and simple route when your youngster needs it most.

"I utilize GizmoPal for my five-year-old. It has held up for a long time is as yet ideal for him."

— Customer survey, 2015

KiGO Watch

KiGO Watch


Losing a youngster is unnerving—losing a tyke abroad is a parent's most exceedingly terrible bad dream. And keeping in mind that most GPS wearables function admirably at home, the KiGO Watch emerges with the capacity to track your tyke abroad. Not exclusively is the lightweight, little plan simple and agreeable to wear—you would now be able to feel calm while releasing your tyke touring and investigate the world.


GPS/Wi-Fi Positioning

Empowers you to remain associated, regardless of whether your tyke is inside or outside a building.

SOS Mode

Your tyke can enact the SOS trigger, which will cause the GPS watch to begin calling an arrangement of pre-modified contacts.

Simple Setup

This gadget is one of the easiest to set up and match up with the friend application to begin following your youngster.


Battery Life

The battery life of this gadget will keep going for just about multi day with typical wear.

Champion Feature: Works Well Abroad

The KiGO Watch works crosswise over a wide range of nations, making it simple to track your youngster notwithstanding when you're in the midst of a furlough.

"The glass on the front of the screen is made with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which is exceptionally strong and scratch-safe. My little girl has been utilizing it for around three weeks now, and there aren't any scratches on it yet."

— Customer survey, 2017




Nothing is more consoling to a lost kid than seeing their parent's face. Furthermore, the dokiWatch is the primary smartwatch for children to make that conceivable. The inherent camera and coordinated video calling abilities make it simple for guardians to see their youngsters, regardless of the separation. Your children will likewise welcome the virtual pet, which develops in quality the more dynamic and sound your children are for the duration of the day.


Electronic Pet

Doki is a virtual pet—think Tamagotchi—that makes wellness fun by following advances, separation, and calories.

SOS Mode

Once your tyke initiates the SOS mode, the watch will send crisis warnings, chronicles of your tyke's environment, and area notices to the whole contact list.

Simple to Use

With three basic advances, the gadget is prepared to utilize: embed the SIM card, download the application, check the QR code—and begin following.


Include Friends Feature

In the event that your youngster is companions with another dokiWatch client, they can interface through the gadget. What's more, despite the fact that you can screen their companions show, it can be a troublesome imagined that somebody you're not comfortable with approaches your youngster.

Champion Feature: Video Calling

In the event that your youngster is stuck in an unfortunate situation, seeing your face will console them, while additionally helping you evaluate the seriousness of a circumstance.

"We as of late sponsored a Kickstarter venture considered dokiWatch that offered every one of the things we were searching for in a protected tracker, telephone in addition to one-catch SOS, a children wellness tracker, and that's only the tip of the iceberg… extremely amped up for every one of the highlights the watch offers."

— Customer survey, 2016

TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker

TickTalk Touch Screen Kids Wearable Tracker


TickTalk is a cellphone and kid locator in one. Not at all like most different trackers on our rundown, this GPS wearable can be utilized autonomously of a cell phone or other cell phone. The best part is that the calling interface is perfect for little fingers to work, so it's simple for your kid to call for help on the off chance that they require it. TickTalk additionally bolsters voice and instant messages, and the band is sufficiently agreeable for children to wear in the classroom or on the play area.


Two-Way Communication

This wearable gadget works simply like a normal cellphone. Call quality is sure about the two finishes, and activity is sufficiently basic for kids as youthful as four.

Pay-as-You-Go Plan

This is one of the main GPS watches that doesn't require a month to month contract. Rather than being integrated with a set installment, pay just for the minutes and information you require, which is helpful on the off chance that you require more scope amid an excursion or to monitor kids left at home while you're on a work excursion.

Agreeable Fit

Composed on account of littler wrists, the TickTalk fits superior to anything numerous different children watches. Ties are made of adaptable silicone that is nontoxic and less bothering than hard plastic.


Not Durable

Despite the fact that guardians and children both report cherishing the outline, a few kept running into issue with the wristband breaking.

Champion Feature: Location Mode

TickTalk utilizes three different ways to monitor your kid—GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell towers. This makes it simpler to pinpoint your little one's area, notwithstanding when they're inside a building.

"By a long shot the best element of the telephone is having the capacity to tune in on your tyke without them knowing. This is extraordinary for circumstances where they are being looked after children are in class at school and you wish to tune in to what is happening."

— Customer survey, 2016

There's a considerable measure that goes into being a parent. From ensuring your children are getting decent evaluations and being gracious to guarding them—it's ostensibly the hardest activity on the planet. Children GPS trackers give you the additional genuine feelings of serenity that you'll generally approach your children's whereabouts—anyplace, whenever. And keeping in mind that we trust you never need to utilize them in a crisis, they're an additional layer of assurance on the off chance that you do.

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