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Best 10 Bluetooth Headsets under 50

Working environments are experiencing a change in outlook today. The really free thinker workplaces include individuals on beanbags and chair seats and pandemonium. The most up to date incline is to host a gathering at the work environment and a working environment at the gathering. Also, when you all of a sudden roll far from your framework to converse with the IT 'fella' alongside you, do your earphones yank off? When you are available to come back to work on an earphone, rushing between the gathering rooms, do you require a third hand to bear the link? The best Bluetooth headsets enable you to get around effectively while being on a call, without a wire settle. You can remain associated while driving, while at the same time gobbling or notwithstanding while straying up to 33 feet from your telephone/PC. We chose the 10 best Bluetooth headsets under 50 that guarantee smooth correspondence on a sensible spending plan.
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Why change to Bluetooth headsets?

Bluetooth headsets are to experts what the Omega Seamaster Professional Watch was to James Bond in GoldenEye. No, they don't slice through a prepare floor with laser yet they make a scratch in probably the most critical corporate discussions. Here's the reason you should discard the customary headsets for these:

Remote network: The best Bluetooth headsets free you from the chains of earphones. You can get up and about without the link hurling around. You won't stumble on the additional long earphone link while strolling back to your work area. Furthermore, when all is said in done, you won't look dorky while accepting an approach your telephone with huge office headset on your head and its rock solid link hung around you.

Usability: The earphones with mouthpieces are typically lumbering to wear and convey. You can simply use in-ear headphones yet you have to hold the mic near the face for appropriate correspondence. This will draw in one hand that ought to be caught up with coding, driving or accomplishing something imaginative. These Bluetooth headsets leave both your hands free and still hand-off your voice over the calls legitimately.

Solace: Headphones or headphones are regularly awkward for persistent utilize. The earpads sweat you ears. The headband might be too tight and may apply undue strain on your head. In-ear screens may be awkward with the two ears shut. Also, they are secured by the links. Bluetooth headsets go just in one ear and stay stable absent much strain.

Consistent task: Bluetooth headsets switch among calls and media playing on your gadgets flawlessly. They are constantly outfitted with catches for simple administration of calls.

Measure: The little size of Bluetooth headsets make them more versatile than full-sized office headsets. They can be effectively stuck in your pocket with no issues of tangling.

There are a few qualities that you ought to be informed about, in enthusiasm of objectivity, before you change to Bluetooth headsets:

Adaptability: The headphones with mic can be utilized for both music and correspondence. Bluetooth headsets for the most part go into just a single ear and are redone for calls and meetings. We wouldn't utilize them much for music playback.

Commotion segregation: Earbuds/earpads on the two ears cut out a portion of the encompassing clamor with the goal that you can focus on your bring in peace. All things being equal, since office headsets are not totally commotion dropping, some clamor sneaks in. With Bluetooth headset, one ear will be left open to the surrounding sounds.

What are the different Bluetooth profiles and what do they mean?

On each Bluetooth headset's spec you may discover numerous Bluetooth profiles recorded. Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the Bluetooth network, both the associated gadget and headset must help some particular profiles. What do they intend to you regarding execution?

A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) convention enables the gadgets to exchange great quality stereo or mono sound remotely. Both your telephone/PC and the Bluetooth headset must help this for remote spilling of sound.

HSP: Headset Profile (HSP) is the most widely recognized Bluetooth profile upheld by Bluetooth headsets and telephones. This enables Bluetooth headsets to be utilized with cell phones. It bolsters two-way correspondence yet not stereo sound. That is perhaps why you have just a single earbud in Bluetooth headsets. It likewise empowers Bluetooth association among headset and PC.

AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVCRP) works related to the A2DP profile to remotely control media playback on far off gadgets. This enables you to control volume, track, call reply/reject and play/delay from the gadget and the other way around.

HFP: Hands Free Protocol (HFP) empowers full-duplex remote calls by means of Bluetooth telephones. This is frequently utilized in remote in-auto telephones which enable you to grasp calls sans hands. At the point when utilized with cell phones, it empowers highlights like call redial, call pausing and voice dialing.

How to match Bluetooth headset with your gadget?

The general strides for matching the greater part of the Bluetooth headsets are same:

For interfacing Bluetooth headset to telephones:

Charge both the Bluetooth headset and the telephone to considerable battery levels. Endeavor to full-charge the headset when utilized out of the blue.

Power on the headset utilizing its Power catch. On most sets, a LED should begin flickering.

Press and hold the Multi-useful catch to enter Bluetooth matching mode. There may be a LED or a particular LED lighting example to show matching mode.

Place the headset near the telephone inside 5m territory.

On your telephone discover Settings and turn on Bluetooth. In the more up to date telephones, this will naturally trigger an output for accessible Bluetooth gadgets in extend. Else you should choose 'Output for Devices' physically.

When you recognize your headset on the rundown of accessible gadgets, select it. It may consequently match or request a code. The codes are generally '0000', '1234', '0001' or '9999'. In the event that none of these works, contact the maker.

On the off chance that your Bluetooth headset doesn't appear on the rundown, possibly it isn't in matching mode or it may be under a rebel name. In the last case, searches for gadget names that were already inaccessible. The new name could be your Bluetooth headset.

For interfacing Bluetooth headset to PC:

Charge your Bluetooth headset. Turn it on and set it in blending mode as clarified in the Step 1-3 in the instructional exercise above.

Ensure that the headset is set near the PC.

Tap on Start. In the pursuit bar, scan for 'Bluetooth'. It should lead you to Bluetooth settings.

Now, the Bluetooth turns on and naturally begins searching for accessible gadgets. Or disaster will be imminent, you need to physically 'Include a Bluetooth Device'. This starts the output for accessible Bluetooth headset.

Find and Select your headset. This prompts your PC to associate with the headset and download most recent drivers assuming any.

On the off chance that the Bluetooth headset does not appear on the rundown ensure it's in blending mode.

In the event that no stable gets through the headset despite the fact that it has been matched, right tap on the Volume symbol on the base right plate of your screen. Select 'Playback Devices' and select your Bluetooth headset. Tap on 'Set as Default'.

Key highlights of first rate Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets appear to be pricier all in all contrasted with earphones. Be that as it may, with the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list, this longstanding fantasy is busted. These were chosen after careful verifying in view of:

Call quality: The best Bluetooth headsets under $50 chip away at a tight spending plan. So we picked those which contribute altogether on great call quality. We tried that correspondence was sure about either side of the call inside the predetermined Bluetooth extend. We likewise guaranteed that Bluetooth association does not haphazardly drop much of the time.

Convenience: The reduced type of Bluetooth headsets can be both a shelter and a bane. We checked the controls were effectively open and expeditiously employable when the call is on.

Solidness: Against the limitation of spending plan, the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 additionally guarantee strength. Your specialized gadget ought not abandon you while you are on an essential call.

Availability slack: Many Bluetooth headsets require a couple of moments to be set up each time when associated. Or on the other hand they take a couple of moments to get associated on the call. These couple of minutes could be valuable in light of who is on the opposite end of the call. The best Bluetooth headsets under 50 spring directly enthusiastically quick.

Best Bluetooth Headsets under 50 out of 2018 – Top 10 Chart


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset 11 hours, Deep Sleep mode permits up to 3 months battery life $$ 4.5

2. TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset V4.1 with Noise Cancelling Mic Pair with 2 Bluetooth gadgets at the same time $$ 4.3

3. Motorola HK250 Universal Bluetooth Headset Stay associated with your telephone up to 300 feet away $$ 4.2

4. Plantronics M180 Universal Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset Reliable remote headset with Deep Sleep control sparing mode $$ 4.0

5. Firegram Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Noise Cancelling Bluetooth V4.2 innovation guarantees its consistent syncing $$ 4.0

6. Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset DeepSleep hibernation mode enacts when out of range from your combined phone $$ 4.0

7. GLCON GJ-02 Gold Stereo remote Bluetooth headset Easy to combine with two PDAs simultaneously $$ 4.0

8. Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset with HD Voice Technology HD Voice innovation for excellent sound quality $$ 3.9

9. Shareconn Wireless Bluetooth Headset Splash and sweat-safe Business Stely design $$ 3.8

10. Motorola H730 Bluetooth Headset 12 Hr talk time $$ 3.8

Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth HeadsetPlantronics Explorer 50 best Bluetooth headset has the best answer for anyone who was dependent on the Plantronics M50. M50 is stopped abandoning a dash of draining corporate hearts. Also, Explorer 50 is the main headset in Plantronics lineup that can coordinate. This is little, compact and amazingly simple to utilize, some may state less demanding than M50. Be that as it may, above all, this is much more reasonable. Its matches and surpasses the desires out of the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 set by any semblance of M50.

Outline and Features

The Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth headset is a straightforward bit of innovation. It has a little cuboidal structure with an earhook. The snare circumvents the ear from the front. An earbud distends from the headset and sets up home in your ears. It quantifies 3.5 inches x 1.2 inches x 4 inches. It has little catches for control, call administration and volume. In the event that you press and hold volume catches, the headset is quieted and voila! You get a voice provoke reporting `Mute On`. In the event that you rehash the activity, you get a 'Quiet Off' incite. This component was not accessible in M50. It is extremely agreeable for throughout the day utilize. The earbud fits superbly for all individuals.

This Bluetooth headset has multipoint Bluetooth 3.0 availability with HFP, HSP and A2DP bolster. It can interface with different telephones and draw in the one that rings. The primary matching is voice-guided so you can begin utilizing it appropriate out of the container. The battery endures through 11 hours for each charge. At whatever point an energize is required, Explorer 50 obediently whispers in your ears to revive it. It has a DeepSleep control sparing mode which gives it a chance to rest and spare charge when not being used. It charges from a USB link. It can fit in either ear. Traveler 50 is good with Plantronics versatile applications like Battery meter, Find MyHeadset, Plantronics center point and so forth.. These are extremely helpful applications which make it more important than earphones.


Traveler 50 Bluetooth headset by Plantronics effectively coordinates with the M50 headset. The call quality is perfectly clear. The Bluetooth association holds even till the edge of your undetectable range. You get a voice alarm on the headset in the event that you are going to leave its Bluetooth go. The sound is adjusted legitimately so the bass in no one's sound mutilates. At the point when contrasted with M50, the Explorer 50 gives break even with regard for all frequencies. It sounds generous. Despite the fact that it isn't as uproarious as M50 however volume is in no way, shape or form deficient. Just individuals who have utilized M50 before will see the distinction.

The completely clear solid may be hampered in solid breeze on the off chance that you are remaining outside. The catches are littler than that of M50, maintaining a strategic distance from unplanned redials.


Completely clear sound all through the range

Has a quiet component

Voice alarms for exceptionally imperative occasions

DeepSleep hibernation mode

Multipoint Bluetooth


Volume go is not as much as that of M50

TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset V4.1 with Noise Cancelling Mic

TOORUN M26 Bluetooth Headset V4.1 with Noise Cancelling MicToorun M26 Bluetooth headset is a gleaming contraption that brings incredible incentive for cash. Furnished with the most recent Bluetooth innovation, this headset is estimated sensibly for everybody from truckers accessible if the need arises to corporate representatives. Its different functionalities are anything but difficult to utilize and supported by voice prompts. It consents to all Apple and Android telephones which are Bluetooth-empowered. It checks all the crates required to be on the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.

Plan and Features

The Toorun M26 Bluetooth headset is proficient at hanging on tight to your ears. An earhook juts from the structure which circumvents the entire ear. This earhook is separable. There's likewise a circle connected to the earbud which hooks on to the inward ear. It can undoubtedly hold the body of the headset to your ear without utilizing the earhook. We utilized both to guarantee a protected fit and neither the snare nor the circle pestered us. It has a multifunctional catch on the best face and volume catches as an afterthought. Driven pointer for power and matching and miniaturized scale USB charging point are mounted on its body. It gauges 2.01" x 0.65" x 0.3".

This Bluetooth headset utilizes Bluetooth v4.1 for remote availability. It underpins A2CP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP Bluetooth profiles. It has a remote scope of 33 feet. It very well may be effectively matched with two Bluetooth gadgets at once. So you can associate it to your PC for Skype calls and with your telephone for typical calls. While you chip away at your workstation, you will be naturally alarmed of telephone calls. Sound from just a single associated gadget will work at once. The battery endures through 7 long periods of talktime with only one hour charging. As far as possible is 120 hours. Voice prompts alarm you to battery high/medium/low, Power on, Pairing, Connected/Disconnected and so on.. Toorun M26 is good with the battery meter application which shows its residual life on the telephone screen.


Bluetooth 4.1 guarantees much better sound quality that Bluetooth 3.0 and 2.0 in Toorun Bluetooth headset. It combines up immediately and transfers perfect sound with no unsettling influences. The association remains solid all through the span of the call. The volume is adequate for boisterous conditions like within a truck. The receiver is outfitted with CVC 6.0 Broadband commotion dropping innovation that enables your voices to be gotten plainly. This tidies up the active sound of surrounding clamor.

To initiate voice directions, you need to state Ok Google. Once the battery channels, you are simply detached from the telephone. Gratefully, it is exchanged and you can proceed with the approach telephone. At its value, it very well may be kept as a reinforcement headset. Given its solid execution, numerous individuals utilize Toorun M26 as their go-to headset. Try to wear the rigging that balances out the Bluetooth headset in your ears for strong sound.


Perfectly clear voice

Commotion dropping mic

Bluetooth 4.1

Semi-handsfree with voice directions

Reasonable inside the $50 territory


The circle accommodated ear is single-estimate that doesn't fit everybody

Motorola HK250 Universal Bluetooth Headset

Motorola HK250 Universal Bluetooth HeadsetMotorola HK250 Bluetooth headset originates from a confided in name. This is an all inclusive headset however obviously, it has exactly the intended effect with Motorola telephones. The outline is straightforward however compelling. You won't get any extravagant looks here. It looks plasticky however its toughness is demonstrated. With its viable correspondence hand-off it is a magnificent can foresee the rundown. Its straightforwardness advances to the general population who simply need the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 to convey their voices appropriately.

Plan and Features

The Motorola HK250 Bluetooth headset is compositionally very basic. The disheartening dark face conveys the Motorola logo. The earbud juts from the headset to sit at the edge of the ear trench. The earhook circumvents the ear and holds it solidly yet delicately set up. There is no additional guide for settling the earpiece. At its light weight, it bolsters itself truly well. It quantifies 1.78" x .75" x 46".

This Bluetooth headset works remotely in a scope of 300 feet from the associated gadget. In any event that is greatly improved than the 33 feet go. We could stroll through a decently measured house absent much static aside from close electronic gear like microwave. The mic has commotion dropping capacities which function admirably inside a bustling office. It may not totally abrogate wind clamor when you are outside however. The battery keeps going through 7.5 long periods of talktime. The reserve is 10 hours. The remote availability is empowered by Bluetooth 3.0. You get voice prompts declaring the guest name and battery level when it controls on.

The HK250 Bluetooth headset can interface with two cell phones or two gadgets in the meantime. You can be accessible on your own and business telephones in the meantime. When you leave the Bluetooth inclusion range and return it, HK250 associates promptly with a Motorola telephone. The capacity probably won't be as consistent with telephones of different brands. However, with the 300 feet confine, we don't figure you will stray out of the range.


The Motorola HK250 Bluetooth headset amazed us with its capacity to sound startlingly clear at its cost. Speakers on the two closures can hear the opposite side obviously. Inside its sizeable Bluetooth extend, we found no issues in any event up to 100 feet even with one divider between. Just solid breezes appear to influence the voice of the guest from the headset.

The sound of HK250 is clear enough to be utilized in PS3 amusements. Truth be told, it has been effectively put to use in the gaming area as well. So this Bluetooth headset can fill in as a business and individual specialized gadget. Just issue is the point at which you raise the volume of the call, the volume of the voice prompts ascend too. These might sound too noisy and stun you when the battery is all of a sudden going to bite the dust.


Clear and sans static sound

300 feet Bluetooth extend

Basic outline

Clamor dropping mic

Can associate with two Bluetooth gadgets at the same time


Reconnection after association drop isn't smooth with non-Motorola telephones

Plantronics M180 Universal Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics M180 Universal Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth HeadsetThe Plantronics M180 Bluetooth headset is the sparkly sibling of M165. What's more, it comes bearing better and clearer sound. M180 demonstrates why Plantronics is such a trustworthy brand with regards to Bluetooth headset. It is agreeable, solid and has a cluster of applicable and effortlessly open highlights. The commotion dropping mic ensures you never have a scrappy discussion with anybody. This beautiful embellishment ropes a situation in the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.

Plan and Features

Plan and Features

Plantronics M180 Bluetooth headset is an exquisite piece. It comes in either gold or dim shading, the two of which have a quieted flicker. The body is upheld by an in-ear earbud and a circle. The circle experiences the inward projection of the ear and gives a protected fitment. The fundamental multifunctional catch is on the best side which makes it effectively available amid a crisis. The power catch is as an afterthought.

This Bluetooth headset gives brilliant voice order administrations. With a solitary press, you can enact Siri, Cortana or Google Now for nearly sans hands task of your telephone. You are cautioned of the call by an Answer/Reject provoke. All the time you would have the capacity to trigger Answer/Reject by simply it so anyone can hear. The battery keeps going through 7 long periods of talktime and the backup time is considerable. It additionally has a Deep Sleep hibernation mode that spares control while you are not on calls. It accompanies a USB-to-Micro USB link however a divider charger is excluded.

The most serious issue with the littlest gadgets is discovering them when they are lost. The Plantronics center application can send a tone to the M180 headset which encourages you discover it. Or then again you can even utilize its GPS area Backtrack highlight. You can interface it to two cell phones in the meantime and stream sound in light of need


Many individuals are devotees of the M165. The Plantronics M180 Bluetooth headset is an incredible option for that. It sounds perceptibly clearer than the M165 in spite of the fact that its battery life is lower. While this may not appear that huge a distinction, it is. It may be apparent in a consider that costs your firm millions or gets you appropriate bearings to a vital goal. The voice directions are something beyond a contrivance in this headset. They really work, particularly the call reply/dismiss part which is extremely valuable while driving.

The earbuds gave this Bluetooth headset seal out your ear well from foundation commotion. The clamor dropping mic tones down the jabbering partners around you. The correspondence is smoothened out by the agreeable fitment. It's lightweight and stable which ensures that 100% of the voice of the opposite end is conveyed to you. It doesn't report the name of the guest like numerous headsets on this rundown do.


Voice directions like answer/dismiss really work

Stable fitment with simply the circle

Profound Sleep hibernation mode

Clear sound with clamor dropping mic


Doesn't report guest's name

Firegram Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Noise Cancelling

Firegram Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Noise CancellingThe Firegram Bluetooth headset is an incredibly all around outlined gear. Rather than tossing catches around on a little earpiece, it has some consistency to its outline. In particular it enables you to quiet the receiver, a usefulness that not very many headsets have. The sound quality is shockingly clear for a brand outside of Jabra and Plantronics. Firegram blasts through to a place in the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.

Plan and Features

The Firegram Bluetooth headset is a curve that goes behind your ear. So the greater part of the plan is behind the ear. This incorporates two volume catches, a power catch and a USB charging link. The front side has a receiver blast which pivots 270° in the event that you need to wear the headset in the other ear. The multifunctional catch is likewise set at the joint of the blast. This catch is raised from the surface and simple to spot with your fingers. The plan adjusts weight and space so that the catches can be promptly come to yet it isn't massive. It is joined by two earbuds which enables you to wear it in either ear.

This Bluetooth headset interfaces remotely through Bluetooth v4.2. The most extreme scope of this is 33 feet. The battery endures through just 4 hours and reserve is 100 hours. The battery life isn't tantamount to numerous headsets on this rundown. The mic can be quieted by squeezing and holding down the Volume-catch. A similar activity can unmute Firegram. It can associate with two Bluetooth-empowered gadgets in the meantime and stream sound from one of them. At the point when a call comes in on the second, it gets the higher need. A brilliant LED pointer refreshes you on the power and association status.


The Firegram Bluetooth headset is one of only a handful couple of headsets that we tried music on first. We were shocked the punchy bass and adjusted tones. The sound sounds considerable. It's not tinny-sounding. The sound amid calls is clear. The commotion dropping mic guarantees that the sound from your end is without surrounding clamor. The execution is improved by an exceptionally agreeable and lightweight fitment.

The remote association on this Bluetooth headset does not endure any association drop or static. The steady association makes it a solid gadget for essential business calls. It interfaces quick and results in an undelayed reaction. Bluetooth v4.2 assumed sound clearer than past forms and doesn't experience the ill effects of different gadgets or web association. Voice prompts keep you refreshed on the battery status and different turning points. The earbuds of various sizes give you a choice to locate the best seal. Also, better seal guarantees better stable quality.


Quiet usefulness

Lightweight yet agreeable

Various earbuds for legitimate seal

Bluetooth v4.2

Rotatable blast enables you to wear it on the two sides


Battery life could be better

Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics M70 Bluetooth HeadsetThe Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset can trick you with its plain dark unassuming looks. In any case, its execution is sure and confident. At its ostensible value, it figures out how to pull off the most significant Plantronics Bluetooth includes well. The headset is lightweight to the point that you nearly overlook it's there. Plantronics M70 is turned out to be shockingly solid and fit for a place in the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.

Plan and Features

The Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset is unremarkable-looking as we said previously. It's totally dark with a portion of silver going through the side joints. A major reflexive catch on the front side breaks its matte wrap up. M70 is upheld by an ear circle and the earhook. The previous locks on to the little projection in internal ear. The earhook circumvents the ear. The earbud is mounted with a delicate eartip that is agreeable for extend periods of time of utilization. A few people turned out with frightfulness accounts of M70 going in the dryer. By one means or another M70 has survived each time in this amiable association with the clothes washer.

This Bluetooth headset offers voice prompts in three dialects: English, French and Spanish. They reveal to you the battery level, talktime remaining, call reply/dismiss cautions and so forth.. Between the multifunctional and volume catches, a large portion of the sound capacities can be controlled. It works consistently with Siri and Google Now voice directions. The battery keeps going through 11 hours for every charge. It additionally has a Deep Sleep control sparing mode which rests it when it's out of range from the associated gadget. This can keep M70 alive for just about a half year.


The sound of Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset is the thing that at last made it deserving of this rundown. The clearness of correspondence is quickly evident when you get on the primary call. It is modified to expel wind clamor and reverberate from the calls for better discourse quality. The sound mark is sufficient for tuning in to music also. It's not tinny or supported in the vocal range only for calls.

The discourse from this Bluetooth headset stays sans static in the 35-feet go. It sounds great on the two sides, to such an extent that individuals think you are straightforwardly talking into the telephone.


Has both earloop and earhook

Offset sound with wind and clamor decrease

11-hour battery life

Profound Sleep control sparing mode


Voice prompts of consider noting upset the start of the call

GLCON GJ-02 Gold Stereo remote Bluetooth headset

GLCON GJ-02 Gold Stereo remote Bluetooth headsetGlcon GJ-02 Bluetooth headset does not originate from a name mark. So at first, we were reluctant to give it a shot. In any case, it's a high-performing headset with some inquisitive highlights. It is strong and solid for normal office utilize. It's very up-to-date to don with any clothing. The most recent Bluetooth and commotion dropping properties guarantee that correspondence stays clear on the two sides. GJ-02 has many cool characteristics to acquire it a place in the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.

Outline and Features

The GLCON GJ-02 Bluetooth headset comes in three hues: dark, gold and white. We are inclined toward the gold model and every one of them are shamelessly popular. The engineering is customary. The best face has a raised multifunctional catch. One side has control on/off catch and the opposite side has volume controls. The small scale USB port is at the best. An earloop and an earhook bolster this headset on your ear. All the tasks can be specifically controlled from the headset instead of the cell phone/PC.

The feature highlight of this Bluetooth headset is a slave earbud. It associates with the miniaturized scale USB port and goes into the second ear. This channels sound to the two ears. The battery endures through 8 hours. Shockingly, GJ-02 helps you to remember the battery low circumstance one moment before it passes on. It is perfect with the iPhone battery meter application. It can match to two gadgets all the while and accept approaches need premise. It associates by means of Bluetooth 4.0 which is more vitality productive and much clearer than Bluetooth 3.0.



Glcon GJ-02 Bluetooth headset is comfortable to the point that individuals regularly overlook it is roosted on their ears. This adds to its pleasant sound. It shows signs of improvement when you utilize the slave earbud for sound in the two ears. On the off chance that you are in an especially loud region, this second earbud is of awesome help. The mic has commotion decrease ability, which ensures you are clear and intelligible on the opposite side.

GJ-02 performs appropriately well with calls as well as Google maps bearings. Music playback is pleasant with the utilization of slave earbud. Indeed, even in the 0-$50 value run, this is a standout amongst the most moderate choices. So we were awed by how well it functions at the cost and the additional liven of a wired slave earbud.


Wired slave earbud for sound in the two ears

Bluetooth association remains constant even at its ostensible cost

3 alluring hues



Sound quality is normal

Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset with HD Voice Technology

Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset with HD Voice TechnologyJabra is a monster in the Bluetooth headset showcase. Also, the Jabra Talk overflows that quality in each sense, looks and execution. This is a wonderful example with striking and exquisite plan. It has all the first rate includes in $50 territory. Furthermore, being Jabra it performs well in all spaces. This is a tough earphone with solid execution. For whatever length of time that you go around the fake pieces, these are extraordinary compared to other Bluetooth headsets under $50.

Plan and Features

The Jabra Talk Bluetooth headset has wonderful bends and shading blend. Its dim face is broken just by a silver plate with Jabra engraved on it. The sides all have quieted silver flash. The power catch is arranged on the inward side and remains securely off the beaten path. The volume catches go as an afterthought. The multifunctional catch is huge and worked for material favorable position. The earbud is intended to remain on the hall of your ears. The earhook is separable and is transported in two unique sizes with the pack.

This Bluetooth headset relies upon the multifunctional catch for all its usefulness. You can reply, end, make or reject a call with it. You can likewise initiate voice dialing and redialing last number. The situation of this catch at the highest point of the front face may not be a decent choice however. You can set it off accidently by basically modifying the headset. The battery keeps going through 6 hours on one charge. 8 days backup time keeps it alive when you have overlooked it. Voice prompts keep you refreshed on the gadget status and walk you through the setup procedure. Jabra Talk can interface with two gadgets at the same time. You can be utilizing your own telephone while keeping an ear on the business telephone.


The Jabra Talk Bluetooth headset utilizes HD voice innovation for especially clear solid quality. The Bluetooth works consistently on the great pieces. It doesn't flounder inside the 30feet territory effortlessly. The sound parity is skewed towards vocals so you can hear the discussion plainly. It tends to be utilized to stream GPS guidelines, music from the telephone and web radio. There's no static inside the Bluetooth go.

The problem free course of action of capacities by means of the multifunctional catch guarantees you don't commit any error.


Exquisite plan

2 separable earhook sizes

Call redialing and voice calling



Multifunctional catch gets accidently squeezed while altering the headset

Shareconn Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Shareconn Wireless Bluetooth HeadsetThe Shareconn Bluetooth headset is a gorgeous bit of the part. This has the versatile mic blast outline where the vast majority of the catches go behind the ear. This enables the catches to be promptly accessible for clicking. A different Mute catch makes the Shareconn set significant. It is developed to look formal and genuine. At its humble value, it's difficult to keep it out of the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.

Plan and Features

The Shareconn Bluetooth headset is a buff bit of equipment at the back of the ear. Be that as it may, in the front it looks all petite. The beneficiary piece pivots 180° which enables you to wear it on either ear. The receiver turns 200° which again makes pickup more directional and accessible in the other ear. The multifunctional catch is on the rudder of this blast arm. The posterior has the volume catches and the Mute catch. The in-ear earbud keeps it stable in your ears.

The Mute usefulness is exceptionally obliging in this Bluetooth headset. It continues reporting Mute in interims as long as the headset stays in that mode. A few people think that its bothering. Be that as it may, it's exceptionally helpful for when you begin talking without killing the Mute catch. Bluetooth v4.1 keeps the remote association stable. The battery keeps going through 9 hours on a solitary charge. The battery backup is 200 hours. The charging procedure just takes 1.5-2 hours for a total charge. You can associate two gadgets to Shareconn in the meantime. Along these lines you can monitor two gadgets in the meantime.


The Shareconn Bluetooth headset utilizes Bluetooth v4.1 for remote network. This is the new organization which is vitality effective and guarantees stable association. It has AptX bolster, so if the associated gadget likewise underpins AptX you will get fantastic sound quality. The mic has CVC 6.0 commotion dropping innovation which makes a very climate for the call.

Voice directions work like an all around oiled instrument. The guest is reported when the call comes through. It persuades sufficiently noisy to be heard over the buzzing of the motor or irregular adlib around you in the workplace.


Quiet catch with Mute cautions

Can be utilized in either ear

Turning mic blast

Great battery execution


Mic blast stands out and can be broken effectively

Motorola H730 Bluetooth Headset

Motorola H730 Bluetooth HeadsetAs little and helpful as the Bluetooth headsets may be, you know what's cooler? A headset with exemplary flip blast. The Motorola H370 Bluetooth headset accompanies a bendy blast which enables you to pick calls instantly without grasping your hands off the wheel for a really long time. This is a tough yet lightweight outline directing clear and lucid sound. There are likewise other alternative with comparable highlights with the best Bluetooth earphones under 50.

Outline and Features

The outline of Motorola H730 Bluetooth headset is a relief from the typical geometric design of headsets. It's all alluring dark bends with metal features. The catches remain in unmistakable silver complexity and are effortlessly recognizable by contact. The flip blast ventures from the base of the headset. With a straightforward flip you can answer calls. This is less demanding than finding the multifunctional catch in light of touch. It's less diverting on the off chance that you need to accept the call while driving. A thick earhook projects from the headset which disseminates the weight uniformly around your ears. The earhook can be expelled. It fits little ears well, which numerous headsets once in a while do.

This Bluetooth headset has a double mic framework to dispose of commotion from the discourse. You get voice prompts about battery life and the identifier of the gadget which is transferring the sound by then of time. So it takes after that H730 can associate with two cell phones/gadgets in the meantime. The sound is played from each one in turn. The battery keeps going through 12 hours on a solitary charge where most frameworks normal just 7-8 hours. The backup time stretches out to 336 hours. Approaching guest names are declared on a few telephones yet not every one of them. We wish that Motorola was more predictable in this.


The Motorola H370 Bluetooth headset is a hit-and-miss as far as sound quality. The sound quality is first class. Individuals on the opposite end of the call won't understand that you are utilizing a headset. Be that as it may, the Bluetooth association isn't as steady in every one of the pieces. We don't know whether this is an issue with fake pieces. We propose that you look at the headset by leaving the associated source before purchasing or purchase from a place which permits returns.

The double receiver arrangement of this Bluetooth headset expels encompassing clamor from your discourse. The fitment ensures that the headset remains associated solidly to the ears. It doesn't welcome any static into the sound. The volume is useful for boisterous workplaces and vehicles. With the exception of the consistent detaches detailed in a few pieces, this would be on the main spot on the best Bluetooth headsets under $50 list.


Flip blast outline

Separable earhook fits little ears

12 hour battery life

Can associate with two Bluetooth gadgets at the same time

Exceptionally clear solid


Association drop issues in a few sets

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