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Choosing and How To Buy Bike Computers

Or, in other words bicycle PC for your requirements and spending plan? Following quite a while of testing eleven of the best cycling PCs available, we have the appropriate responses you're searching for. Give us a chance to enable you to explore through this to some degree confounded commercial center. We'll separate everything, from information transmission conventions to GPS and everything in the middle of, to enable you to make the best buy for your requirements and spending plan.
Comparing data during testing  with the SRM Powercontrol 7 and Garmin Edge 510.

Why Get a Cycling Computer?

The principle motivation to utilize a cycling PC is to record information from your rides. A few people track their speed and separation just wondering, or as a methods for inspiration. On the off chance that you are not kidding about enhancing your cycling execution, at that point following your information is a methods for guaranteeing that you're doing the correct sort of preparing at the correct power at the ideal time to amplify your execution on the bicycle. GPS following joined with cell phone reconciliation enables you to associate with social outlets, for example, Strava, to break down, analyze, and share your rides with companions and different clients. As should be obvious, the motivations to utilize a cycling PC are as shifted as the kinds of individuals who appreciate riding a bicycle.

Pondering about utilizing your iPhone or another cell phone as a cycling PC? See our Best Bike Computer Review for our examination.

Sorts of Bike Computers

Essential: No GPS, No Data Transfer

The Cateye Strada Slim is a remote cycling PC that does not utilize GPS or ANT+

The Cateye Strada Slim is a remote cycling PC that does not utilize GPS or ANT+

On the most fundamental and basic end of the item run, non-GPS empowered cycling PCs record the essential information of separation, speed, and time. Lower evaluated PCs stick to simply those three information focuses and get the data from a speed sensor appended to the front fork that records wheel turns by passing a magnet joined to a spoke on the front wheel. Once the PC knows the perimeter of the haggle, it can produce speed and separation data dependent on the recurrence that the magnet passes the sensor. These kinds of PCs either utilize a wired sensor like the Cateye Velo 7, or a remote sensor like the Cateye Strada Slim. In any case, the central strategy for acquiring the information is the equivalent.

These essential PCs are by and large lower valued, and a few units will utilize a wired sensor while marginally higher estimated units utilize a remote sensor. These PCs don't enable you to exchange your ride information to a PC or following administration, and most won't store singular ride points of interest. All in all, they do keep a running odometer that works like one of every an auto, aside from the information might be lost when the battery is changed. Which conveys us to battery compose; with these PCs you will utilize expendable batteries, with little reasonable coin cell batteries being the most well-known.

One fascinating model in our test is the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT MINI which serves twofold obligation as a fundamental cycling PC when utilized with the included speed sensor, or can be utilized for GPS following when matched with your cell phone through a Bluetooth association and the ELEMNT application. The main downside to this framework is that it doesn't work for GPS following without the telephone in Bluetooth extend, yet since we as a whole for the most part ride with our telephones in any case this isn't excessively of an issue.

Cell phones and iPhones

Utilizing an iPhone or cell phone with the Strava application tracks information in a comparative form to GPS empowered gadgets. There are reseller's exchange ANT+ collectors for cell phones and iPhones that enable them to speak with sensors. The principle downside to utilizing your telephone is restricted battery life. Past that, you will likewise need to buy some case or mount to hold your telephone while riding on the off chance that you need to see the screen, and these can cost to such an extent or in excess of a devoted cycling PC. You additionally risk obliterating an expensive gadget should you crash with a telephone joined to your handlebars.

Why Not Just Use My iPhone?

Matching the Garmin Edge 820 with an iPhone.

Matching the Garmin Edge 820 with an iPhone.

It's possible you've seen cyclists with iPhones or different cell phones appended to their handlebars. A few free applications enable you to utilize your iPhone or Smartphone as a cycling PC, including Strava and Wahoo Fitness. The fundamental motivation to utilize your Smartphone is straightforward: you as of now have one! Shockingly, as we would see it, that is about the main motivation to think about this as an alternative. Above all else, to utilize your telephone, you should buy some case and mount to place it in an appropriate position on your handlebars. These cases can be costly. Obviously, you can utilize your cell phone for ride following through an application without connecting it to your handlebars in the event that you don't want to see the screen constantly amid your outing, it all fair relies upon how essential having that data on the presentation is to you.

Second, despite the fact that your iPhone has GPS abilities, is anything but a committed GPS gadget. PDAs commonly utilize what is known as A-GPS, which remains for Assisted GPS. They utilize both cell triangulation and GPS signs to pinpoint an area. When all is said in done, they can be quicker at pinpointing than a GPS alone, for example, a Garmin, in light of the fact that they utilize the two frameworks. In any case, in the event that you have no phone administration or Wi-Fi, while your telephone will at present utilize GPS to track position, you might not have a point by point outline, precise maps are commonly not put away on telephones.

Telephones utilize cell information or Wi-Fi information to populate the data on the guide. You can buy maps that are downloadable to your telephone, and afterward it would work generally the equivalent as a Garmin GPS with maps, for example, the Garmin Edge 820 or Garmin Edge 520. Be that as it may, in the wake of buying a mount, a case, and downloadable maps, you most likely would set aside extra cash by simply purchasing a different bicycle PC.

Another issue (and the greatest one in our view) is battery life. We've depleted the battery on an iPhone 5s on a two-hour ride utilizing the Strava application. On the off chance that you are simply beginning as a cyclist and imagine that two hours appears like quite a while, simply pause. Before you know it, you'll be pounding out century rides with your neighborhood club, and your telephone will be dead well before the finish of your voyage. We get a kick out of the chance to realize that we have a charged telephone if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis.

Embellishment similarity is likewise an issue you are probably going to keep running into also. Most telephones aren't perfect with ANT+ sensors. The majority of the pulse, rhythm, and speed sensors available utilize the ANT+ convention and won't work with the greater part of cell phones (except if you buy an ANT+ collector for your telephone.) More producers are getting in the amusement with Bluetooth 4.0 adornments, however ANT+ is as yet the gorilla in the room with regards to outsider sensor benchmarks.

All things considered, we suggest you buy a remain solitary cycling PC for following your information. Indeed, we ride with our PDAs, however they remain in the shirt pocket or pack for correspondence purposes if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. A committed PC sits on the handlebars inside simple reach and view for the term of our rides.

GPS and ANT+ Enabled

Honor winning items: Lezyne Super GPS Enhanced Garmin Edge 520 and Garmin Edge 820.

Honor winning items: Lezyne Super GPS Enhanced, Garmin Edge 520 and Garmin Edge 820.

On the upper end of the cycling PC ranges are units that are both ANT+ empowered and have a worked in GPS recipient. Models incorporate the Garmin Edge 820, victor of our Editors' Choice Award, and additionally the Garmin Edge 1030, Garmin Edge 520, Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT, Lezyne Micro C GPS, and the Lezyne Super GPS. These PCs can get information from ANT+ sensors, including power, speed, pulse, and rhythm. Additionally, they track your position utilizing GPS, permitting you not exclusively to see a guide of your ride once exchanged to a friend application, cell phone, or PC yet additionally to look at your chance on built up portions utilizing an administration, for example, Strava.

You can see your chance on a given ascension or portion, and every one of the seasons of Strava clients, and your ebb and flow rank on that area. On account of the Garmin Edge 1030, Garmin Edge 820, and the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT the GPS can likewise be utilized to give turn-by-swing bearings to a ride, and in addition demonstrating your present position on a guide. The Lezyne Super GPS and Micro C GPS likewise have a route work yet utilize the Lezyne Ally V2 application and a cell phone to drive route guidelines to them. These PCs are ground-breaking, adjustable instruments that can be utilized with any blend of sensors, or none by any stretch of the imagination, and be exchanged between numerous bicycles.


The Garmin Edge 1030, Edge 820, Edge 520, Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT, Lezyne Micro C GPS, and the Lezyne Super GPS are additionally Bluetooth empowered, which enables them to speak with a cell phone when utilizing the Garmin Connect, Lezyne Ally V2, or ELEMNT applications individually. Cell phone association permits highlights, for example, Live Track to stream your ride information to anybody you welcome and incorporates your present area, speed, and other information measurements. Ride records can likewise be right away stacked to the buddy applications for investigation, and exchange to Strava without the requirement for a link exchange. The Garmin Edge 1030, Lezyne Super GPS, Micro C GPS, Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT, and the Magellan Cyclo 505 both help both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors.

Blending the Garmin Edge 820 with an iPhone.

Blending the Garmin Edge 820 with an iPhone.
Choosing a Cycling Computer

ANT+ versus Wired or Proprietary Wireless

The main interesting point is whether you need to put resources into an ANT+ gadget. In the event that you intend to utilize your gadget for preparing and track your information with Strava, Training Peaks, or you are working with a mentor, you will need to pick a gadget that is ANT+, as well as Bluetooth sensor empowered. The majority of the ANT+ empowered cycling PCs we tried are equipped for sparing and exchanging ride information either with a link, WiFi or by means of Bluetooth. Conversely, most non-ANT+ empowered PCs, for example, the Cateye Strada Slim can't spare or exchange singular ride information.

Extra ANT+ sensors can be obtained after some time as your needs advance, however having the choice to add more sensors serves to future-verification your buy. In the event that you end up intrigued by aggressive cycling, for instance, at that point you might need to utilize a power meter to improve your preparation. Having an ANT+ empowered cycling PC enables you to include sensors as you go, and intermix brands to locate the best item for your necessities. On the off chance that you don't imagine requiring pulse, power, or rhythm sensors, at that point an essential PC, for example, the Cateye Strada Slim is a decent choice. Simply remember that you won't have the capacity to add on more sensors later on.

GPS versus No GPS

In the event that you have any enthusiasm for utilizing Strava then you require a GPS empowered cycling PC, for example, the Garmin Edge 1030, Edge 820, Edge 520, Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT, Lezyne Super GPS, Lezyne Micro C GPS, or the Magellan Cyclo. Cycling PCs with GPS sensors enable you to transfer your ride information to Strava, and vie for section times and KOMs. It likewise makes it workable for you or others on Strava to see a guide and insights of your ride. Past the social part of Strava, pursuing KOMs or individual records can be an awesome method to remain roused or improve your preparation.

Maps versus No Maps

In the event that you much of the time travel with your bicycle or get a kick out of the chance to investigate, at that point cycling PCs with routable maps, for example, the Garmin Edge 1030or Edge 820 ought to be on your short rundown, as should the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT. The Garmin Edge 520 can likewise download point by point maps for little regions, yet it doesn't offer turn-by-turn headings. Different GPS cycling PCs like the Lezyne Super GPS and Micro C GPS give route, however without maps. Truly, they cost more cash, yet having the capacity to see where you are and get headings can be extremely valuable.

You can likewise make courses before your ride and transfer them to the Garmin Edge 1030, Edge 820, Edge 520, and Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT. Lezyne is taking a shot at a course manufacturer program that ought to be accessible soon. In the event that you don't require routable maps, yet at the same time need to download your information to Strava or other outsider administrations, at that point the Garmin Edge 520, Lezyne Micro C GPS and the Lezyne Super GPS are great decisions.

The Garmin Edge 820 can make courses dependent on client input. Here is 1 of 3 choices the unit made for a 20-25 mile circle.

The Garmin Edge 820 can make courses dependent on client input. Here is 1 of 3 choices the unit made for a 20-25 mile circle.


The Garmin Edge models, Lezyne, and Wahoo Fitness models are Bluetooth empowered so they can speak with a cell phone or iPhone utilizing the Garmin Connect, Lezyne Ally V2, or ELEMNT applications. A Bluetooth association will furnish you with content and call notices and different highlights like live following. In the event that enabling your loved ones to track you while riding is speaking to you, at that point you ought to think about one of these models. You ought to know that the live following component just works when you have phone gathering, so in the event that you regularly ride in zones with poor cell inclusion, it won't work.

The other motivation to consider a Bluetooth empowered gadget is the capacity to perform remote information downloads. To utilize this element, you should be associated with your Smartphone or iPhone. TheGarmin Edge 1030, Edge 820, and ELEMNT BOLT are additionally Wi-Fi empowered for information exchanges. Both the Garmin Edge 1030 and Edge 820 likewise have an Incident Detection include that advises contacts in case of an accident with your area.

Contact Screen

The Garmin Edge 1030 and Edge 820 component a one of a kind touchscreen interface, when contrasted with the material catch interface of alternate PCs we tried. The touchscreens are anything but difficult to utilize and are a change on the remain solitary outer catch interface. The more highlights the PC has, the more prominent the estimation of a touchscreen. Touchscreens make looking through pages and choices significantly less demanding and quicker.

As yet attempting to choose?

On the off chance that we could just give one suggestion, it is emphatically consider an ANT+ empowered gadget. It will furnish you with the alternative to extend the capacity of the gadget later on by including sensors. The vast majority of the ANT+ gadgets are likewise GPS empowered, which makes them more adaptable in light of the fact that you can utilize them on any bicycle without any sensors and still get basic information. Whenever cost is keeping you down, the Lezyne Micro C GPS is the champ of our Best Buy Award, for a valid justification. On the off chance that you are sure you needn't bother with ANT+ sensors and simply need vital speed, time, and separation, at that point investigate the Cateye Strada Slim, champ of our Best Buy Award for the Casual Cyclist.

Extra Guide

We tried the ANT+ empowered cycling PCs with a scope of extras and sensors. Look at our guide underneath. Begin with the nuts and bolts and push toward the further developed sensors to enable you to pick the accomplices to improve your new cycling PC buy.


The majority of the PCs we tried accompany a type of mounting framework. Most stock mounting frameworks enable you to connect your PC to either the handlebars or stem of a bicycle. We favor our PC in the out-front position since it enhances the perceivability of the screen and keeps you from looking down and occupy your eyes from the street or trail. Garmin, Lezyne, and Wahoo Fitness all offer out-front mounts for their PCs, and they are currently standard gear with the Edge 1030, Edge 820, Edge 520, and additionally the ELEMNT BOLT.

Garmin Edge 820 accompanies a decent out front mount for ideal survey and a perfect look.

Garmin Edge 820 accompanies a decent out front mount for ideal review and a perfect look.

Pulse Sensors

Constructing preparing with respect to pulse is a compelling method to expand your preparation time. Working in focused pulse zones creates particular physiological adjustments. ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart pulse screen lashes enable you to always screen your pulse while preparing. There are a scope of choices accessible.

Garmin: Garmin offers a Soft Strap, and a Standard Heart Rate Monitor. We have utilized both. The Soft Strap is more agreeable however less strong than the Standard model. Both are precise.

Wahoo Fitness: Wahoo makes ANT+ perfect pulse lashes that are likewise Bluetooth 4.0 good, know as the TICKR.

Speed and Cadence Sensors

The new magnet less Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor combo with three wrench groups to suit distinctive wrench arms.

The new magnet less Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor combo, with three wrench groups to oblige distinctive wrench arms.

Speed sensors give an exact rate of speed and have a tendency to be more touchy to quick increasing velocities and deceleration than GPS. Rhythm estimation is the quantity of pivots every moment of the wrench arms. Rhythm is an amazing preparing apparatus and can be utilized to keep up a productive exertion when the competitor knows their ideal rhythm about power yield. Amid testing we utilized Garmin ANT+ speed and rhythm sensors.


The new Garmin magnet less speed sensor joins to the center point with an extreme elastic case lash combo.

The new Garmin magnet less speed sensor connects to the center point with an intense elastic case lash combo.

The new Garmin Cadence Sensor.

The new Garmin Cadence Sensor.
The new sensor combo from Garmin uses a little accelerometer unit that is mounted on the wrench arm utilizing mechanical elastic groups and another accelerometer case that connects to the back center point utilizing a blend elastic lash and lodging. Garmin considers it the "Speed and Cadence, " and it retails for $69. The two sensors can be utilized as remain solitary sensors, or both in the meantime. They are anything but difficult to append, expel, and swap between bicycles. Every sensor utilizes a 2032 coin cell battery for power. We lean toward this choice to the more established "Speed/Cadence" sensors that utilization magnets. Wahoo Fitness likewise makes magnetless sensors. Their RPM Speed, and RPM Cadence are sold independently and both match with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, retailing for $39.99.

Magnet compose:

The more established Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor combo utilizes talked and wrench arm magnets.

The more seasoned Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor combo utilizes talked and wrench arm magnets.

The Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor mounts to the non-drive side chain remain and measures speed by means of a spoke mounted magnet, and rhythm by means of a wrench arm mounted magnet. The sensor itself accompanies two diverse formed elastic bases to suit contrasting chainstay shapes and is appended to the chainstay utilizing zip ties. Connection is more troublesome than the magnet-less sensor depicted previously.

Lezyne additionally makes an attractive speed and rhythm sensor which they call the Cadence Speed Flow that is Bluetooth Smart good. As does Wahoo Fitness who makes a magnet compose consolidated speed and rhythm sensor that is both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart perfect. It is known as the Blue SC and retails for $59.99. Once the sensor is set up accurately, it is useful, however the sensor is inclined to getting knock by the rider's foot, which can move it askew with the magnets. The new magnet-less "Speed and Cadence" sensors are substantially more easy to use and perfect with any bicycle. Magellan additionally makes a speed/rhythm sensor, yet it is more hard to set up and connect than the Garmin show. It does, be that as it may, give precise information when effectively introduced, and furthermore speaks with the ANT+ convention.

Power Meters

Power meters are the best quality level with respect to estimating exertion and following both intense and long haul preparing load.

The Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor with the spoke magnet.

The Garmin Speed/Cadence sensor, with the spoke magnet.

Basically, a power meter estimates the correct power yield a rider is placing out as watts. Power yield is a superior check of exertion than pulse or speed since it isn't affected by outer factors, for example, wind or rider weariness. A rider may have altogether different pulse estimations at a similar power yield from everyday because of weakness. Clarifying the subtleties of intensity estimation and preparing with power are past the extent of this survey; there are full-length books regarding the matter. What we can state is that preparation with a power meter can change the manner in which you prepare, and kill wasteful utilization of time.

Power meters have descended in cost radically throughout the most recent couple of years, luring an ever increasing number of competitors to utilize them amid preparing and hustling. Power is estimated either at the wrench, raise center, or pedal. There are numerous makers of intensity meters; our testing was finished utilizing a Quarq Riken unit. We have recorded connects to a couple of producers underneath.

Quarq Riken control meter utilized amid testing.

Quarq Riken control meter utilized amid testing.

Quarq: Makes a scope of intensity meter wrenches for Shimano and Sram drivetrains in both GXP and BB30 base section principles.

SRM: Makes a scope of intensity meter wrenches for Shimano and Sram drivetrains.

Power Tap: Well known for delivering power meter center points, they currently make a crankset, and in addition control meter pedals.

The bicycle PCs in our survey have been put through the paces, from dry asphalt to mud and snow. We ride a great deal and race as often as possible, and we put the items we tried to use in the most requesting conditions.

Sloppy spring riding is no issue for the Garmin Edge 510 with its IPX7 water opposition rating.

Sloppy spring riding is no issue for the Garmin Edge 510 with its IPX7 water obstruction rating.

Our objective amid testing is to collect the most extreme measure of weight on the item, looking at it for shortcoming. These items were altogether tried next to each other on similar rides for exactness. Every so often, we neglected to take our PCs off the bicycle when driving home in the rain… it occurs. Corners were taken too quick, and a Garmin contender on an out-front mount spared our carbon handlebars from a tree.

Did we specify we don't child the gear? We invested months examining everything about every PC, from connection to UI, and assessed every accessible component to decide their convenience in reality. A large number of the items we tried are good with ANT+ extras, and we utilized an extensive variety of sensors, including pulse screens, speed, rhythm, and powermeters from Quarq and Powertap amid testing. When you go to purchase an item we have inspected, you can make certain that it has been put through the wringer, and assessed based on straight on, true correlation.

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