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The 2018 Bath Towel

We filtered through many towels on the web (the determination is confounding and regularly changing) to whittle down the field. Sources included both enormous box stores and expansive online retailers like Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lands' End, Target, and The Company Store, in addition to new companies and littler brands. We focused on client evaluations and remarks, websites, peruser remarks, and the conclusions of Apartment Therapy, Good Housekeeping, HGTV, and Into The Gloss.
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I'm an overnight boardinghouse essayist for Wirecutter, and I've composed our advisers for cotton sheets, wool sheets, and duvet covers. To take in more about towels, I talked with Rick Basinger, the executive of assembling and advancement at 1888 Mills. This guide likewise expands on crafted by Stephen Treffinger, who composed the first form of this audit. We talked with Martin Bide, PhD, a teacher in the Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design at the University of Rhode Island; Sean Cormier, a partner educator in the Fashion Institute of Technology's Textile Development and Marketing Department; and Angela Massengill, a texture assessment technologist at Cotton Incorporated. We likewise talked with Ben Mead, a client relations and specialized pro at Hohenstein Institute, the US testing lab for the Oeko-Tex standard, an ecological wellbeing affirmation you'll see on a few towels.

Who ought to get this

A decent towel should last five to 10 years—or more, contingent upon how you wash and dry it. Be that as it may, even the best towels will inevitably destroy after day by day utilize: The creases can come unraveled, the base texture can start to shred, and the circles can debase, bringing about a less cushioned inclination. On the off chance that that is the situation with your shower towels, it's an ideal opportunity to put resources into some new ones.

We studied 267 Wirecutter perusers who for the most part revealed to us that their current towels dried too gradually, didn't assimilate enough, and didn't feel pleasant. They needed to buy new towels with the end goal to supplant fraying ones and move up to something more pleasant. They were particularly searching for the correct blend of flawless feel and long haul strength.

Towel wording

Towel names are regularly loaded with new industry terms that will enable you to make sense of how the towel was made and how it will feel to utilize. Each brand's name may exclude a similar sort of data, so examination shopping can get precarious. Here are a few terms you may see related with towels.

Long staple/additional long staple cotton: As with other home materials, for example, sheets, the best towels are produced using long staple or additional long staple (ELS) cotton, which produces smoother, more grounded yarns. "The more drawn out the staple length, the smoother the yarn will be," Basinger let us know. For the most part long staple filaments run from 1⅛ to 1¼ inches, while ELS strands are 1⅜ inches or more. Basinger disclosed to us that long staple cotton is additionally the most adaptable, which expands life span.

A few producers utilize terms like "Egyptian cotton" and "Turkish cotton" to offer mediocre, shorter-staple cotton.

Turkish/Egyptian/Pima/Supima cotton: Labels that say Turkish, Egyptian, Pima, or Supima (the brand name for American Pima) as a rule show long staple or ELS cotton. Know, however, that a few producers utilize terms like "Egyptian cotton" and "Turkish cotton" to offer mediocre, shorter-staple cotton. Stamp Bagby, an agent for Calcot (a cotton promoting association), let us know for our sheets audit that those terms recognize nation of starting point and don't ensure high caliber, long staple cotton. When you see Supima cotton on a name, it implies the Supima gathering has confirmed the cotton as long staple Pima, developed in the United States. In the event that a towel is produced using long staple or ELS, it's typically marked all things considered. A towel named basically as "cotton" is likely produced using a shorter-fiber cotton and is presumably less tough and conceivably less delicate.

A gathering of tried towels crunched up together

We tried towels of different styles, sizes, and thickness, yet they were each of the 100 percent cotton. Photograph: Michael Hession

Brushed and ring spun cotton: High-quality towels are frequently produced using cotton that has been brushed to expel polluting influences and linty filaments, or ring spun, a particular turning process requiring long staple cotton that makes better, smoother strands of yarn. Basinger revealed to us that ring spun cotton is costly, but on the other hand is the best procedure for making cotton yarn (which moves toward becoming cotton materials) since it can create the broadest scope of thicknesses and the gentlest yarns.

Zero turn: Unlike ring spun cotton, or, in other words fine, the cotton strands of zero-wind towels are not contorted at all before they're woven. They remain fluffier, hold more surface region, and are in this manner more retentive. Low or zero-contort texture must be built from longer staple cotton. As per this towel purchasing guide from Dillard's, a lower bend implies a plusher vibe, however a higher wind makes a more grounded and more strong towel.

Oeko-Tex: The Oeko-Tex program confirms that texture is free from specific substances and procedures that are conceivably destructive to individuals and the earth. A couple of the substances recorded on the association's site incorporate formaldehyde, plasticisers, pentachlorophenol, and overwhelming metals. Oeko-Tex confirms just final results, so it doesn't disclose to you anything about how the cotton was developed. Be that as it may, the accreditation might be vital to you in the event that you have touchy skin.

Permeableness: You may see a great deal of hyperbolic cases about sponginess; after a specific point, it's needless excess. All things considered, you don't have a few gallons of water on your skin when you venture out of the shower or shower. A towel's capacity to douse up at least three times its weight in water may sound great on paper, however that is for the most part showcasing publicity. Up to a towel wicks water off your skin without spreading the dampness around or feeling disagreeably wet, it has done its activity.

GSM: The grams per square meter (GSM) estimation shows texture weight. A lower GSM means a lighter, more slender towel; a higher GSM likens to a denser, plusher towel. The majority of the mainstream towels accessible online have a tendency to be somewhere in the range of 400 and 800 GSM, however we found that this estimation isn't incredible for correlations, the same number of the towels at enormous box stores don't list GSM.

How we picked

When you go after a towel, it should most importantly be viable at getting you dry. It should wick water far from your body and into itself. The towel shouldn't feel particularly wet, or as though it's simply driving the water around. It ought to likewise feel great against your skin, whatever that way to you. A few people like super extravagant, delicate towels, while others incline toward more slender, agreeably scratchy ones. Deciding the sort of surface you lean toward is one of the most straightforward approaches to discover a towel you'll adore. Past that, a great towel should dry rapidly with the goal that it's prepared for your next shower and not inclined to building up a mildewy smell. Over the long haul, it shouldn't go to pieces, shred, or disentangle. Pilling, shrinkage, and blurring—albeit typical with rehashed utilize—ought not jump out at an irritating degree.

A progression of closeup pictures of towels demonstrating the assortment in heap.

A towel's heap decides how it feels on your body. Heap shifts dependent on circle length and thickness. Photographs: Michael Hession

When we surveyed our perusers, 88 percent said they needed fundamental or additional thick terry material towels. Terry material has circles of yarn (all things considered called heap) that stretch out from the weave and assimilate dampness well. Despite the fact that you'll discover a few devotees of elective strands, the agreement from specialists we've addressed, for this guide and others, is that 100 percent cotton conveys the blend of receptiveness, delicateness, and toughness that the vast majority need.

Towel-purchasing guides on Good Housekeeping and eBay say that a towel's edge creases ought to be collapsed, with tight or twofold sewing to guarantee most extreme strength. Woven edges are more vulnerable to fraying after some time. We maintained a strategic distance from ornamentation, weaving, and example, searching for towels that would request a great many people.

Our four picks, moved up and sitting on a bath's edge; they're all unadorned strong hues.

We searched for towels with straightforward edge completes and groups, and we stayed away from outlines with a lot of ornamentation or pattern. Photo: Michael Hession

We needed to discover towels made of astounding cotton (ideally long staple or ELS), yet that isn't in every case obviously demonstrated on names. Since both zero-wind and higher-contort towels have positive traits, we thought about the two kinds. For this, our third refresh, we started by going through client audits on locales, for example, Amazon, Macy's, Target, and Walmart. We considered startup brands we hadn't taken a gander at beforehand and towels we found through peruser remarks and proposals from our own staff members.

Feeling the darker rendition of the towel you're thinking about ought to be more agent of its long haul delicate quality. Profoundly immersed hues utilize so much color that they don't retain the conditioners.

I additionally visited Kohl's, Macy's, JCPenney, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target to take a gander at the shading and nature of towels face to face. Basinger proposed I utilize my non-prevailing hand to contact towels since it's less unpleasant and can get the delicateness and feel much improved. He stressed, however, that contacting new towels can be a problematic proportion of long haul delicateness. Producers frequently put conditioners on their towels to make them get a handle on more pleasant which wash after a couple of cycles (something we affirmed in our very own tests).

Subsequent to contacting many towels, I saw that strong and dim hues frequently felt rougher than whites and neutrals of a similar towel. Basinger said this is normal. Feeling the darker adaptation of the towel you're thinking about ought to be more agent of its long haul delicate quality. Profoundly soaked hues utilize so much color that they don't ingest the conditioners. When the conditioner washes out, the towels should all vibe the equivalent, paying little heed to shading.

In 2017 we took a gander at 116 towels and in the end limited that determination for testing to 15 (which incorporated our best picks from 2016). We've discovered that towel quality can differ from year to year contingent upon generation and materials. We bought all our test towels pristine with the end goal to get a similar quality towel you'd get at a store.

How we tried

To stay away from brand inclination, we expelled the names from the majority of the towels and denoted each with a number for distinguishing proof. Prior to utilizing or washing the towels, my significant other and I felt the towels to perceive how engaging they were ideal out of the bundling. At that point I washed and dried the towels once and took a gander at them again to check whether any were detectably fraying, linty, shading blurred, or unpleasant. I wiped out three towels after this round.

A progression of still pictures shows a man's hands being dried on a progression of shower towels.

Our tests concentrated on regular, genuine characteristics we'd need in a towel in our very own homes. Photographs: Michael Hession

Basinger said the business normal for washing towels to test for life span and shading continuance is five washes. In some cases towels take numerous washings to end up "themselves," when the texture completes wash away and the genuine delicate quality comes through—or doesn't. I needed to ensure I wasn't influenced by characteristics that didn't hold up after some time, so I washed the rest of the towels nine times each, for a sum of 10 washes, running the washer persistently and afterward drying them once. I thought about drying the towels after each wash, yet it felt like pointless excess for our testing. Rather, I organized evacuating the majority of the conditioners and lingering colors and washing ceaselessly whatever else the producers may have added to change the towel's surface.

After 10 washes, I evaluated the towels by and by for delicate quality, springiness, and shading, and I noticed any frayed trims or played out areas. I scrubbed down with every one of the rest of the towels, noticed how they felt to utilize and their retentiveness, and coordinated to what extent they took to dry holding tight towel snares. This enabled me to limit the rundown down from 12 towels to seven. Through the span of the following week, my significant other and I utilized the last seven towels at home for genuine testing—showering habitually, washing the towels once more, and afterward swapping with one another. I took notes about the towels' non-abrasiveness, how they felt to utilize, and how well they dried in my washroom. I noted which towels positioned high for the two of us. Taking all things together, we showered very nearly fifty times while testing. As a last advance, I had Wirecutter staff members give their suppositions on the vibe and weight of the best contenders.

In past variants of this guide, we gauged the towels to measure how much build up they lost, and we doused the towels with a shower bottle for our drying tests. In any case, we didn't have the devices to appropriately dispose of dampness, which influences weight and drying time. This year, we believe that we got the hang of all that we had to know by concentrating on consistent, regular utilize and evaluating the genuine characteristics we would really think about on the off chance that we were purchasing new towels.

Our pick: Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel

The Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel, collapsed on a towel pole.

Photograph: Michael Hession

Our pick

Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel

Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel

Thick and lavish

This towel is delicate and rich like a lavish lodging towel, and it comes in a few luxurious hues.

$30 from Frontgate

On the off chance that you need a towel that is thick and rich and feels luxurious like an inn towel, you'll like the Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel. It's the thickest of our picks and thickly extravagant, however despite everything it feels light. I invested a great deal excessively energy simply squishing it with my fingers amid testing. It dried in indistinguishable measure of time from our sprinter up, the Kohl's Chaps Home, and our previous best pick, the Fieldcrest—taking around 15 hours on a late spring day in New Jersey—and it was exceptionally retentive in the majority of our shower tests. In the event that wrap is essential to you, take note of that this towel had to a lesser degree an adhere to-the-body feeling than alternate towels we attempted. It additionally comes in the most broad scope of shades of every one of our picks.

In our tests, this towel reliably positioned as the best entertainer for springiness and rich delicate quality. It's produced using long-staple Turkish cotton and woven with zero turns, so it's exceptionally cushioned and spongy. Its tight heap was the thickest of the gathering. It was my general most loved towel, and it beat our past update pick, the Caro Home MicroCotton Towel, in delicateness and sponginess. After 10 washes, it looked new and really felt superior to anything it outed of the bundle, or, in other words. The Kohl's towel held its shading and body similarly well yet didn't enhance with utilize.

The Frontgate, saw from the end. Its heap is cushioned and long.

The Frontgate is made with long-staple cotton. It was the main towel we attempted that showed signs of improvement with utilize. Photograph: Michael Hession

The Frontgate hues are rich and soaked, and the vast majority of them appear as though they would blend and match well with one another. We didn't see any significant distinction in shading immersion in the wake of washing. Frontgate additionally makes shower sheets and organizing embellishments.

The Frontgate on a towel rack.

The thick, delicate Frontgate towel includes some major disadvantages, yet we believe it's justified regardless of the speculation in the event that you need that extravagance feel. Photo: Michael Hession

This towel has more than 3,000 for the most part positive proprietor audits spreading over numerous years, so it appears to have a decent reputation with buyers.

Long haul test notes

Following a time of standard utilize, the shade of my Frontgate towel still looks rich, and the towel is still delicate, extravagant, and spongy. It has pilled somewhat, more so than the Kohl's Chaps Home however not as much as the Target Fieldcrest, our previous best pick. It has no obstacles or pulls, and the stitches are as yet unblemished. It's as yet my most loved towel generally speaking.

Spending pick: Bed Bath and Beyond Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel

The Dri-Soft Plus towel on a bath. It has a nearby heap with vertical indented stripes.

Photograph: Michael Hession

Spending pick

Bed Bath and Beyond Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel

Bed Bath and Beyond Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel

Thin, light, and to a great degree moderate

More slender and littler than our different picks, this modest towel doesn't generally dry quicker as promoted, yet it's delicate, it has a wonderful ribbed surface, and it holds up to wear.

$7 from Bed Bath and Beyond

On the off chance that you like a delicate towel yet incline toward more slender and lighter to thick and rich, you may like Bed Bath and Beyond's Dri-Soft Plus Bath Towel. This is a pleasant looking towel at an extremely spending plan neighborly cost. We figure it would be an awesome decision in the event that you have youthful children and need to purchase a pile of towels for them without spending a considerable measure of cash. Despite the fact that we haven't long haul tried them, one of our editors has utilized these towels for a considerable length of time without any dissensions about delicate quality, wear, or clinginess.

The Dri-Soft, close up to demonstrate its edges and close heap.

A few analyzers couldn't quit contacting the delicate furrowed surface of the Dri-Soft towel. Photograph: Michael Hession

This is the sort of towel that you'll either love or despise. In spite of the fact that it wasn't the widely adored in our office, a portion of our staff members cherished the surface, the lighter weight, the shorter length, and the more slender rest. A significant number of our analyzers found the rich feel and ribbing so engaging that they contacted feel and contact it over and again, and one of our staff members revealed to us she favored the effectiveness and softness of the Dri-Soft to bigger, thicker terry material towels she's attempted. Another staff member additionally adored the slenderness on the grounds that, for all intents and purposes, it was less demanding to oversee and hang, yet bounty retentive.

A correlation of our four picks, moved up, from the side.

The littler Dri-Soft (upper left) consumes up less room when collapsed or rolled. Photo: Michael Hession

Then again, I found the Dri-Soft clung to my body a little repulsively. A portion of our analyzers (counting me) felt it was too little to wrap up in easily. It's the littlest towel we tried, at 30 by 54 inches (2 to 4 inches shorter than our different picks). That size worked for a few of our staff members, who thought the Dri-Soft would function admirably for children, for a little restroom (it moves up minimally), or on the off chance that you don't care for a long, thick towel. The Dri-Soft is likewise accessible as a shower sheet estimating 64 by 34 inches. Be that as it may, the shower sheet can cost more than double the cost of the littler form.

Imagined: edges on the Dri-Soft towel.

The stripes of terry on the Dri-Soft towel are intended to enable it to dry all the more rapidly, however we found the thing that matters was nominal. Photo: Michael Hession

Bed Bath and Beyond cases the Dri-Soft towels "spare you both time and vitality with ultra quick drying." We didn't observe this to be valid. Basinger revealed to us that producers configuration towels with raised terry material stripes, as on the Dri-Soft, to accomplish quicker drying occasions. The hypothesis is, if a towel has less terry in it to get wet, it will dry quicker. In our coordinated tests, the Dri-delicate dried somewhat quicker than a large portion of our different towels, however that implies it dried in 13 hours rather than 15 hours, an ostensible distinction. Also, we question whether its ribbed plan helped by any means, since it dried in indistinguishable measure of time from the fattest, fluffiest towel we tried, Macy's Hotel Collection Premium Bath Towel.

Care and support

Makers regularly treat towels with an assortment of coatings and completions, for example, cleansing agent, to make them feel cushioned and delicate in the store. Like a peacock's plumage, it's there to tempt you! Nonetheless, such coatings make the towels less spongy, so you need to dispose of them before utilizing the towel. (What's more, truly, what number of individuals grabbed those towels previously you did?) To dispose of additional conditioners, Better Homes and Gardens proposes washing your new towels with a measure of white vinegar together with a large portion of the typical measure of clothing cleanser for the initial couple of washes.

Utilizing excessively cleanser can make your towels feel hardened and cause a development of buildup. In like manner, cleansing agent can leave a waxy development on towels that reductions the cotton's normal sponginess. Utilizing a conditioner now and then (if your towels feel scratchy) is fine. Be that as it may, all things considered, attempt to abstain from utilizing conditioners consistently.

Pursue the washing headings on your towel's tag. A few articles about towel care, including those from Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple, suggest cool or warm water. Boiling water will blur hues all the more rapidly and cause the material to lose delicate quality. (The one exemption is white towels, which can get dirty in chilly water after some time.) And you should wash your towels each three to four employments.

On the off chance that your towels build up a mildewy scent, utilize the vinegar flush portrayed above to spruce them up. A large portion of a measure of heating pop in the clothes washer cycle likewise works ponders. (Obviously, don't utilize vinegar and heating pop in the meantime, except if you need a science-reasonable spring of gushing lava to emit!)

The opposition

Kohl's Chaps Home Richmond Turkish Cotton Luxury Bath Towel: This was our sprinter up, however it's not any more accessible. It was an agreeably harsh, springy towel that was more slender than our best pick.

Fieldcrest Luxury Solid Towel: This was our best pick for a couple of years since it was delicate and agreeable to utilize and consumed water and in addition undeniably costly towels and dried rapidly. It was likewise durable. However, shockingly, Target stopped the line.

Macy's Hotel Collection MicroCotton Luxe Bath Towel: It was quite delicate, with a decent feathery heap, yet it wasn't as spongy as our primary picks. It's likewise been stopped since we did our testing.

Garnet Hill Signature Towel: This was a decent towel, and it comes in some incredible hues, however in non-abrasiveness and retentiveness it didn't measure up to a portion of our picks.

Snowe Bath Towel: We took a gander at Snowe on the grounds that the organization's bedding has performed so well in our tests, yet its shower towel wasn't awfully essential. This towel survived just through one round of washing in our visually impaired tests. It was a consummately fine towel, however our picks were more permeable.

Parachute Home Classic Towel: This was a decent, normal towel, however we believe it's expensive.

Caro Home Micro-Cotton Luxury Bath Towel: This was a past update pick, however in 2017 it didn't execute also in testing as our overhaul pick for that year (now our best pick). It felt thin and wasn't as spongy as we'd like. Initially, we thought these towels were made by Towels by Gus, yet the producer is really Caro Home. Towels by Gus is one retailer that offers them, however you can likewise get them from Caro Home's site and from The Mine.

Terrains' End Supima Bath Towel. In spite of the fact that this was a sprinter up pick already, in follow-up tests it didn't ingest and additionally different towels, and we thought it clung to the body excessively out of the shower.

Illustrious Velvet Signature Soft Solid Bath Towel: This towel was amazingly delicate in the store, however the delicateness didn't last through 10 washes. What's more, after the last wash, the towel was frayed in spots.

L.L.Bean Premium Cotton Towel: This was really the quickest drying towel in our first coordinated test—it dried in around 10 hours. In any case, it was harsh and awkward to utilize.

Target Threshold Performance Bath Towel: This comes in some fun hues, and it costs not as much as our best pick, however it lost a great deal of its delicateness and space after the primary wash. We didn't shower with it.

IKEA Afjarden Bath Towel: This towel is extremely moderate, yet the accessible hues aren't incredible, and it was harsh after one wash so we cut it after that round.

JCPenney Home Solid Bath Towels: The shading choices are phenomenal, yet after one wash this towel was so harsh we didn't shower with it.

Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towel: This towel had high appraisals on Amazon at the time we checked, however it wasn't especially rich or comfortable inclination in our tests. It was somewhat scratchy and had a sudsy, covered feel, even after a few washings.

Nordstrom at Home Hydrocotton Bath Towel: Several perusers sent in to state that this towel was awesome, and it has its benefits. Shockingly, in spite of the fact that this towel was wonderfully rich in our tests (the second-heaviest in the gathering), its thickness ended up being its ruin. Its lightness converted into moderate drying times (in both our specialized test and in my very own washroom), and that implies a towel that is probably going to in any case be clammy toward the beginning of the day.

Stoneware Barn Hydrocotton Bath Towel: Following our choice of this towel as the champ in a past variant of this audit, we got a considerable measure of protestations about its shedding essentially in the dryer. When we tried this towel once more, it didn't shed everything that much, yet our staff analyzers said it felt unpleasant and didn't retain water successfully. Analyzers additionally thought this towel looked shabby.

Reclamation Hardware 802-Gram Turkish Bath Towel: This towel gets a great deal of affection on the web, so we chose to attempt it notwithstanding the high cost. However, our example, with an uneven circle tallness, didn't look sumptuous. It was likewise not as delicate as we would have preferred for a long staple cotton towel.

Enduring Color Cotton Bath Towel Collection by WestPoint Home: We had high trusts in this deal towel on account of the reasonable number of high appraisals on the web. (It was additionally our spending pick in the primary rendition of this guide.) It arrives in an engaging, if smallish, scope of hues. In our tests, however, it didn't have a pleasant look (conflicting circle lengths, sketchy appearance), and we could see pinholes of light through it when we held it up. It likewise felt harsh and scratchy.

L.L.Bean Egyptian Cotton Towel: This towel dried gradually, staying moist both in our office test and in my home. Some staff individuals thought that it was scratchy and said that it didn't wick water away as successfully as our best contenders. It was just medium-delicate, as well. At the cost, we didn't think it was justified regardless of a venture.

IKEA Fräjen Bath Towel: We generally pull for the underdog, however this towel didn't exactly measure up. It had a surprising weave that wasn't actually terry fabric, so it didn't appear to be ideal for this test gathering. Over that, it was very thin, and we could see light through it when we held it up. It was low on the non-abrasiveness scale and somewhat scratchy, as well.

The Company Store Green Earth Quick-Dry Towel: We were captivated by this towel, which looks somewhat like chenille. Yet, it ended up being somewhat thin, with light appearing through when we held it up. It likewise shrank more long (by just about 2 inches) than the normal, diminishing by 5 creeps on the whole. This shrinkage appeared as though an excessive amount of when matched with the slenderness.

1888 Mills Made Here Bath Towel: This was our unique pick in 2013, however perusers grumbled about quality issues. When we retested it in 2014, we found that the quality had gone downhill, as the towel we attempted that year was lighter and carelessly wrapped up.

Amazon Pinzon Luxury 820-Gram Bath Towel: This towel was excessively thick and too overwhelming, and it set aside a long opportunity to dry out—a surefire formula for a smelly towel.

Notwithstanding utilizing our criteria, you have huge amounts of towels to browse. In case you're asking why we didn't test towels from a specific brand or well known store, here's a rundown of those that didn't make it to the testing round.

Container and Barrel: This home store has a little choice of towels with mid-run GSM, yet these normal things aren't justified regardless of their extravagance costs. For some reason, this site appears to be keen on offering shower towels solely in sets—three, four, six, and so on. Lamentably, what works for a group of four may not work for a solitary individual, and none of's towels emerged as must-test alternatives.

Walmart: We had a lot of reasons not to test any towels from Walmart. The retailer's site is pointless for sourcing data. Maybe a couple of its towels have marking that shows what sort of cotton they utilize.

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