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The Top Soft Coolers

Need a cooler for regular experiences? We've explored in excess of 50 models and put in years thoroughly experimenting with the most up to date and best models one next to the other, to present to you the best available. Delicate coolers offer a flexibility that hard coolers basically can't, as they can be toted along on picnics, fill in as lunchboxes, keep your crisp come down with bug, be the ideal extra for your shoreline day, or simply keep a couple of triumph mixes chilly in your sun-heated auto for when you come back from an epic experience. Regardless of, or perhaps due to this adaptability, it can in some cases be hard to locate the privilege delicate cooler for your necessities. We carefully assessed the protection execution, convenience, conveyability, and strength of these eleven delicate coolers. Regardless of your value extend, you can without much of a stretch discover one that ticks the majority of your crates by means of our test outcomes.
The Engel's ends unbuckled to allow the top to open surprisingly wide.

We generally endeavor to present to you the best apparatus to address your issues, and this implies a ton of testing and retesting, and retesting some more as new rigging hits the market. Our latest round of updates has vexed the past rankings; there's another cooler around the local area, and the Engel HD30, assumed control over the highest point of the graph. The Engel is additionally the new victor of our Editors' Choice Award, on account of its mind blowing suite of characteristics. We additionally have another Best Buy grant victor, the Homitt 30 Can. To figure out how and why these two bombshells occurred, read on!

Best Overall Soft Cooler

Engel HD30

Engel HD30 Editors' Choice Award

$200 USD List

Rundown Price

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Limit: 48 jars | Weight: 5.9 lbs

To a great degree solid

Superb protection

Helpful handles and highlights

Agreeable shoulder tie

Outside pocket not waterproof


We were truly awed by the Engel HD30. It outlived the protection forces of the past Editors' Choice, the Yeti Hopper Two 30, by an entire day! Over that, this was the biggest cooler we tried, with a noteworthy 48-can limit! In spite of its cumbersome size, the Engel was shockingly convenient, finish with a helpful two-man convey, whenever stacked it up with such a large number of substantial things!

The HD30 was unimaginably simple to utilize and flaunts a shockingly strong development. With a wide range of extra supportive highlights like additional handles, a removable jug opener, and an extra pocket, the Engel outcompeted the Yeti to wind up our new Editors' Choice delicate cooler. To finish it off, your wallet will thank you, as it costs over $100 not as much as the Yeti!

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Best Buy on a Budget

Homitt 30 Can

Homitt 30 can Best Buy Award

$100 USD List

Rundown Price

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Limit: 40 cans| Weight: 4 lbs

Cover opens completely for simple access

Extremely steady

Brilliant protection

Similarly minimal effort

Square shaped development less agreeable to convey

Zipper hard to utilize

We were overwhelmed by the execution of this generally economical minimal cooler from Homitt. Not exclusively did the Homitt 30 outcompete both Yeti models for protection esteem, however it was likewise a delight to utilize. Its conservative plan was very convenient and is made of generally sturdy materials, and a solid development to last the years.

While the square shaped state of the Homitt made it somewhat less agreeable to convey for long separations, it was a phenomenal tabletop once we achieved our goal. The zipper is a touch hard to pull, yet with the expansion of some zipper grease (excluded), it facilitated up. Ringing in at around $100, this delicate cooler was a flat out easy decision for our Best Buy Award.

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Top Pick for Long Distance Carrying

Ice Mule Pro

Top Pick Award

$100 USD List

Rundown Price

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Limit: 18 jars | Weight: 2.9 lbs

Generally reasonable for the entire bundle

To a great degree simple to convey when full

Ungainly if not completely stuffed

Not as insulative as different coolers.

The Ice Mule Pro was the lead analyzer's most loved when taking off for longer separations. What it doesn't have in protection control, it compensates for with profoundly helpful transportability and a whole deal outline. The Ice Mule is made for multi-mile climbs and gives simple solace at the same time. Furnished with cushioned rucksack lashes and a cushioned and ventilated back board, it has to a greater extent a knapsack feel than that of a cooler.

The Ice Mule shocked and outperformed analyzers' desires and beat others for usability and convenientce every step of the way. The move top is speedy and simple, and when shut appropriately, is sans release. The air discharge valve helps keep loads secure and tight, and the strength is first rate. In the event that you are searching for something to go up against remote nation climbs or even a contender that is out and out simple to convey, the Ice Mule is for you.

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Examination and Test Results

Delicate coolers, put essentially, are sacks made to keep things chilly. Be that as it may, not all cool keeping sacks are made equivalent. Because of a deluge of alternatives accessible available over the recent years, these valuable things discover homes with a large number of individuals hoping to experience and chill. There are such a large number of alternatives to look over nowadays; from straightforward, little models suited to acting like a lunch box or a six-pack caddie, to extravagance models with every one of the fancy odds and ends one would expect of a top of the line item. Be that as it may, the topic of "which one is the correct one for me?" comes down to what you're planning to utilize it for, where you intend to take it, and - let's be realistic - the amount you're willing to spend. We set out to take a gander at the entire range, from the least difficult to the fanciest, to perceive how they contrast and stay strong with all the utilization and misuse our analyzers could toss at them. All the while, we picked up a superior comprehension of the numerous choices accessible today, and set up together some helpful suggestions and perceptions for you!

Audit lineup: From left to right; the Polar Bear 24 Pack AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Cooler the Ice Mule Pro the Yeti Hopper 30 and the Coleman 16-Can.

Audit lineup: From left to right; the Polar Bear 24 Pack, AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Cooler, the Ice Mule Pro, the Yeti Hopper 30, and the Coleman 16-Can.

Notwithstanding to something as apparently direct as delicate coolers, numerous different circumstances and utilizations can emerge. While pretty much any old cooler will tote your brews to the amusement or truck your lunch to work, you may be on the chase for something with more flexibility. We tried each model amid outdoors trips that kept going weeks, treks to concealed cascades, entire days on radiant shorelines, and long travels. We tried an extensive variety of sorts of coolers for a considerable length of time, retesting and looking at throughout the years as new sorts and models hit the market.

We looked at each model one next to the other, presenting to you the clearest conceivable photo of every one's qualities and shortcomings. Truly, they're all coolers, however which one is best for what reason? We evaluated each model on four key measurements that are basic to picking the best one for your necessities: protection esteem, convenience, toughness, and movability. Protection esteem is a standout amongst the most fundamental classes to anybody in the market for a cooler; else, you'd simply toss your brews and salsa or champagne and cheddar into any old pack and call it great! However, with such huge numbers of coolers (and extraordinary ones!) available today, protection esteem isn't the main essential factor in the basic leadership process. While we positioned protection esteem as 40% of the general score, convenience, strength, and transportability each represented 20% of a cooler's last score.

You can read more about how we tried every one of these classes in our How We Test article. To take in more about how the coolers we tested contrasted with one another, read on!

The new Hopper Two 30 opens considerably more extensive than its antecedent.

The new Hopper Two 30 opens significantly more extensive than its ancestor.


At OutdoorGearLab, we esteem high-scoring items that give an outstanding worth. You'll see that we've recorded the cost of each delicate cooler and any relating honor. We likewise give a score which includes the general execution of that specific model. The graph beneath incorporates each model in our armada, with the general immaculate score being a 100 out of 100. Items that fall toward the base right of the diagram are those that speak to the most astounding an incentive for the cash; all things considered, the Homitt 30, at $100, is the champ of our Best Buy grant, and is a first class item at the cost point. In case you're willing to forfeit a touch of execution to spare some money, the Polar Bear Coolers 24 costs $90 while the AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Cooler expenses $70. For those on a tight spending plan, the Coleman 42 Can costs $41, the eBags Crew Cooler II rings in at $50, and the Coleman 16-Can will cost you $30. On account of the coolers with lower costs, the items do correspond with lower execution costs.

Protection Value

The FDA suggests keeping transitory sustenances that require refrigeration at or underneath 40 degrees Fahrenheit; this will guarantee their freshness and keep microorganisms and other such nasties from becoming inside, conceivably making you wiped out. Keeping a bigger cooler chilly will require putting more ice or ice packs inside as opposed to keeping a littler cooler cool. Ensuring your things are chilly before they go into the cooler is another approach to enhance any cooler. Keeping your sustenance or refreshments chilly is the main motivation to buy a cooler; along these lines, it was the most thorough metric we tried. Our no holds barred ice tests feature which coolers offer the best protection esteem.

We're certain it shocks no one that coolers with thicker protection performed better, at any rate generally. In any case, we additionally found that outside and inner textures had any kind of effect, as did the sort and seal of zipper utilized. Models that performed inadequately had more slender protection, less waterproof texture, non-fixing zippers, or some mix of the three. You can see a portion of the results of these protection tests reflected in the graphs beneath.

In our third round of testing the Engel and Homitt destroyed the opposition with temperatures at or beneath 40 F for almost four entire days!

In our third round of testing, the Engel and Homitt destroyed the opposition, with temperatures at or beneath 40 F for almost four entire days!

The best-protected coolers we tried are the Editors' Choice Engel HD30 and Best Buy Homitt 30 Cans. These two coolers are both ongoing releases to the long-running errand of keeping our testing current, and we were truly awed by every one of them.

In our second round of testing we included temperature sensors in with the general mish-mash. Both Yeti models could keep their inside temperatures underneath or almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit for quite a long time and the new Hopper Two 30 did somewhat outpace the old Hopper 30.

In our second round of testing we included temperature sensors in with the general mish-mash. Both Yeti models could keep their inside temperatures underneath or close to 40 degrees Fahrenheit for quite a long time, and the new Hopper Two 30 did somewhat outpace the old Hopper 30.

The Homitt held ice longer than some other cooler, beating the past Editors' Choice, the Yeti Hopper Two 30 by an entire day, and notwithstanding outliving the Engel by a few hours! The Engel still beat out the Yeti Hopper Two 30 by about multi day - a genuinely great accomplishment! Indeed, even the littler Yeti Hopper Flip 12 was no counterpart for either the Engel or the Hopper. That being stated, both Yeti coolers were fundamentally higher performing than a large portion of whatever is left of the pack. Shockingly, the Polar Bear Coolers 24 Pack about executed and additionally the significantly more costly Yeti coolers. The RTIC SoftPak was the following nearest rivalry however didn't flabbergast us with its protecting ability.

The Homitt outflanked all the opposition for the best protection esteem barely beating the Engel HD30. By utilizing a square as opposed to a sack of ice we could broaden that cooling power much more!

The Homitt outflanked all the opposition for the best protection esteem, barely beating the Engel HD30. By utilizing a square instead of a sack of ice, we could broaden that cooling power considerably more!

Another central point that adds to the viability of cool keeping is the conclusion framework. Models like the Ice Mule Pro have a move top more reminiscent of a dry sack, while different models have zippers of different viability. For instance, numerous models like the Engel HD30, Homitt 30 Cans, RTIC SoftPak and Yeti models, all brag a brawny waterproof zipper. Coolers like the AO Coolers 24 Pack Canvas Cooler, eBags Crew Cooler II and the Polar Bear 24 Pack have the more well-known standard zipper you may discover on something like a ski coat. And afterward there are the Coleman coolers. These two coolers had our slightest most loved zippers of all. Not exclusively were they not waterproof, but rather they were additionally of such low quality we had questions about their strength notwithstanding the disadvantage they were to the cooler's protection esteem!

The thickness and adequacy of the protection, joined with the capacity of every cooler to seal in the driving rain air inside is the thing that earned every cooler its protection esteem score. In the event that this classification is of most extreme significance to you regardless of anything else, look at our best two entertainers: the Editors' Choice, Engel HD30, and Best Buy, Homitt 30 Cans.

Sasquatch utilizes watertight zippers that enhance protection execution.

Sasquatch utilizes watertight zippers that enhance protection execution.


This, beside protection, may be a standout amongst the most vital factors in picking a delicate cooler, or any item truly. In case you will spend your well deserved cash on a bit of rigging, you need it to last. The sturdiness of any bit of rigging comes down to a couple of basic factors: the nature of materials and parts it is made of, the style of development, and the general outline of the apparatus. The coolers we tried were produced using a wide assortment and nature of materials.

The models that scored bring down in our sturdiness tests utilized light to mid-weight nylon or canvas with widely appealing zippers and normal development in regards to sewing or warmth welding. The higher-end models were produced using substantial elastic or treated nylon, had hard core zippers and segments, strengthened creases and weight focuses, and a more strong outline and development. These perspectives influence the general strength and enduring force.

We consider the strength of rigging important! When testing gear, we make a special effort to be additional hard on it to reproduce long stretches of wear amid the long stretches of testing. We know you likely wouldn't treat your apparatus like we treated these coolers, and we trust that the beating we gave them causes you get a thought of their durability and capacity to keep going as long as you need to utilize it. We moved toward testing solidness in a few diverse ways. Our first and most clear methodology was to utilize the cooler as a normal purchaser will no doubt utilize it. We needed to check whether the item could withstand straightforward ordinary utilization.

Our subsequent stage was to go well beyond conventional utilize, truly manhandling these coolers to perceive what they can deal with. For the most part, this implied tossing them around, hauling them on the ground, and filling them to the overflow with overwhelming beverages. We were additionally pressing, discharging, repacking, and ricocheting them around in trunks and truck beds, forgetting them in the rain, covering them in the sand, and whatever else we could consider.

Some truly strong development implies that delicate coolers can be similarly as sturdy as their harder partners.

Some truly durable development implies that delicate coolers can be similarly as sturdy as their harder partners.

The most tough coolers we tried were the Yeti coolers and Engel. Each of the three of these coolers highlight amazingly extreme, wear-safe external texture, solid segments, strong zippers, fortified sewing, and an outline made to be utilized and mishandled. The Homitt and RTIC, while not exactly as great as the Engel or Yeti models, are additionally worked to last. They too are made of tough, durable texture, however each had two or three worries that we didn't discover in the Yetis or Engel, for example, somewhat harder to utilize, bring down quality zippers or a touch of waterlogging amid rehashed rainstorms. They are still over the rest, yet not so much of the most elevated quality.

The Ice Mule Pro was moderately sturdy and impervious to our maltreatment, however the connection purposes of the ties appeared to be maybe not as solid or as vigorous as we'd like them to be. Of course, a portion of the coolers that played out the least in this class were likewise made of the weakest material. In any case, these coolers (the Coleman models and eBags) are likewise a portion of the least expensive we looked into, so you probably won't be so disturbed about supplanting them when they fail horrendously.

Sasquatch develops every cooler with sturdy materials and a strong outline made to last through whatever experience.

Sasquatch develops every cooler with strong materials and a strong outline made to last through whatever experience.


Beside protection and toughness, that it is so natural to utilize the darned thing? This is an imperative inquiry: on the off chance that you wind up reviling everytime you attempt to open/close/convey/clean your cooler, you're presumably not going to have very as pleasant of an ordeal on your cooler-related experience. This is one of numerous minutes in which inquiries of where you need to go and what you need to put in your cooler will become an integral factor. For instance, a cooler that might be anything but difficult to stack things into probably won't be too protected, much the same as a model that might be a breeze to move through the recreation center may not be the one you need to go up against a five-mile day climb!

We attempted to forget generally speaking size from this area, as should have been obvious you that a littler or less-stuffed cooler will be less demanding to move around than a more monstrous, heavier cooler. Rather, we concentrated on how simple the coolers were to stack and empty: how they opened, how hard the zipper or shutting component was to utilize on the off chance that they remained open while you stuffed them with things from your ice chest at home, or were better utilized with a second match of hands. We considered how simple every cooler was to locate an agreeable method to convey: on the off chance that it had in excess of one approach to convey, on the off chance that it was movable, and how simple it was not to overextend ourselves conveying overwhelming burdens for longer separations.

A standout amongst the most baffling characteristics about huge numbers of the models we tried were their testing zippers. Zippers that not just required two hands to open and close yet additionally a considerable amount of stressing and mumbling through held teeth. The coolers that played out the best were the Yeti Hopper Two 30 and Engel HD30. Their zippers, however powerful and watertight, were significantly less demanding to utilize, and both accompanied zipper grease included, guaranteeing that they stayed sans explicative. They likewise included additional handles for all the more conveying choices, attach downs to append them to your ATV or rooftop rack, and even some extra choices like daisy-fastened webbing to cut on your container opener or auto keys. Open-finished models with flip-style tops, similar to the Yeti Hopper Flip and Coleman 16-Can, likewise had a tendency to perform better in this class, as this style of cover makes stacking and dumping your cooler substantially less demanding. The Ice Mule Pro was likewise very simple to use, as the best just moves down much like a dry pack!

The Engel's closures unfastened to enable the best to open shockingly wide.

The Engel's finishes unfastened to enable the best to open shockingly wide.



On the off chance that you needed to remain home, you'd simply utilize your cooler. Where would you like to run with your cooler, and how would you like to arrive? Contingent upon the size and sort you're intending to take with you, you may have just put a few constraints on your experiences. Any cooler can be stacked up and tossed in the auto, so we didn't consider that so much when rating transportability. Is it true that you are heading from the parking area to the shoreline close-by? Is it accurate to say that you are trucking around lunch throughout the day at the zoo? Is it true that you are climbing five miles to your mystery angling gap? Unmistakably, the most versatile cooler will be more agreeable to convey for longer separations and measures of time.

The reasonable victor in this class is the Ice Mule Pro. We're certain that incredibly, this knapsack style cooler is the most agreeable to convey for long separations. Other sensibly compact models like the Yeti models and Homitt 30 scored well because of their all around cushioned shoulder ties and extra alternatives to hand convey or accomplice convey them on the off chance that they're stacked down.

The Ice Mule in real life.

The Ice Mule in real life.

The Editors' Choice Engel HD30 lost a couple of focuses in this classification because of its sheer size, which makes it additionally difficult to convey regardless of whether it's vacant, not to mention stacked down with an entire day of refreshments for you and your eight companions. We likewise were very inspired with the compactness of the Coleman 42 Can cooler, as it tends to be loaded up with all way of awkward articles and basically moved like a bag to your last goal. Be that as it may, numerous goals may require crossing uneven territory, to which the Coleman isn't appropriate.

It's difficult to be more compact than being hauled around on wheels! Despite the fact that this just truly deals with even surfaces...

It's difficult to be more compact than being hauled around on wheels! In spite of the fact that this just truly takes a shot at even surfaces...


While we didn't rate any of the coolers on their extras, we made notes of them. Certain frill can add to your experience, by giving a jug opener you can't overlook at home, holding extra non-nourishment things, or giving simple connection focuses to make the cooler more flexible. Be that as it may, while these highlights may include some accommodation, they don't influence by and large ease of use, and consequently are said just as notes and excluded in the general scores of every cooler.


At first look, delicate coolers appear to be dichotomous, yet all the equivalent. When you dive further into the universe of coolers, you'll see that they're as shifted as that of some other rigging class and that more models keep on hitting the market, summer after summer. You'll discover forte coolers made for climbing, top of the line models made for long haul cooler needs, standard models that are more similar to a lunch box, and everything in the middle. While surveying these items, we made a special effort to envision what the consistently, the one of a kind, and the genuine rigging client and abuser may utilize them for and do those things: stumbles into the desert, long climbs, supper parties, shoreline days, blustery outdoors ends of the week, and BBQs. We pulled these items all around and put all them through hell. In doing as such, we could assemble a standout amongst the most thorough surveys of delicate coolers as of now accessible. We trust that the data aggregated here causes you locate the correct cooler to accommodate your way of life!

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